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Advice? Yay I am finally going to Italy....
Posted December 28th, 2012 - 4:52 am by from Schenectady, United States (Permalink)
Ciao Csers... I just book my flight to Milano I am super excited! I had to cancel my trip in October due to some unfortunate events but I was able to reschedule it. I only have 10 days which is a bummer but I want to make the most of this mini vacation... does anyone have any advice or suggestions my flight is into Milano but from there I would go anywhere!

Also let me know if your traveling and would like to meet up for some exploring...

Can't wait to see this beautiful country!

Thanks sooo much!

Posted December 28th, 2012 - 2:27 pm by from Cranston, United States (Permalink)
Hi! I went to Italy last year, though I only went to Milan to leave on the plane.

Number one: Make sure to take a lot of pictures, and buy extra memory cards and batteries for your cam. Upload them to your laptop every night, and then save them to a disc and to a private internet picture and video uploading account, like Youtube and Snapfish. I use those.

I took 10,000+ pics when I went to Italy, and I don't regret a single snap.

Take pictures even of "unimportant" things like alleyways and sides of buildings and street lamps and candies, because these are all things to be saved and to be cherished. Some of my most lovable pictures are everyday objects. Also take pics of all of your hotel room, so you can remember your visit and show people exactly what they're getting if they stay there.

I would suggest touring San Marino, which is a tiny republic near Rimini, which has beautiful old buildings and even a torture museum! They have dressed guards as well, in old costumes. I have a friend who lives there, but he stopped talking to me and I didn't see him there so I had to make my way around myself.

From the top of the hills, take the skylift down to the ground below and find the chocolateria called 900. It's a great shop, especially during the holiday season.

There are a lot of churches around there too.

I loved Rome a lot, and the Vatican museum, Piazza Del Popolo, the tours of the catacombs, and walking along the beautiful streets, where every house has a balcony with flowers, and there are lovely exotic trees. I stayed in Rome at a small convent-turned hotel with some adorable nuns, for about $20 a night.

The Sistine chapel was great, and I saw that picture where God is touching Adam's finger! Whoa! The guide told us that if you spent 60 seconds looking at each thing in the museum, it would take you 12 years.

I loved traveling Rome with the trains and buses and the streets and all the fancy shops and restaurants and buildings and wine. Museums are a must. Tons of churches. Sometimes you may just want to stroll down the street. The Colosseum was a great site as well, as are the parks nearby.

At the top of Piazza Del Popolo, there is a gorgeous garden, where you can see over the top of the city. I wished my friend had been there with me. It was so romantic.

I saw a small opera production in a church in Rome, off a side street off Piazza del Popolo, La Traviata, by Verdi. I loved it. I also went to the Spanish steps, right nearby, and into the church at the top. Great experience! I saw the Pantheon, but unfortunately my camera ran out of memory or batteries, or both. It was near the government building, and news people were there because Silvio Berlusconi was exiting office so there were camera crews.

I went to Pescara in Abruzzo, and to Sulmona, and to L'Aquila, and loved them all. Taking the train between and over the mountains (my ears popped from Rome to Pescara!) was a huge use of camera space, let me tell you that, and it was all worth it!

Sulmona is a valley town near the mountains, and I hiked up a large hill to see an old building and there was a guy with goats and a dog just walked in front of me. They are famous in Sulmona for their "confetti" candy, which is those colored sugar coated almonds, which they make into all different shapes and characters.

Pescara was great as well, and it was more rural than Rome. I stayed in the Hotel Paradiso, but it's hard to get around from there, and unless you have a car the dogs follow you and bark at you as you walk by. Great view though, because the hotel's at the top of the hill, overlooking sheep and fields and olive groves. Totally going back someday, when my big novel is published and I'm rich! :D

In Pescara, you can also go to the beach, and I tried an anglerfish dish. Not bad! There were nice shops down there as well.

L'Aquila was another great place, which had a big church which unfortunately had been devastated from an earthquake. It made it more fascinating though. If you read the news, you may recall that L'Aquila is the site of the earthquake which the scientists are on trial for not adequately predicting. So maybe don't visit if you are a geologist!

I stayed in L'Aquila the Compagnia di Viaggiatore (sp?), and the breakfast there was terrific, and it wasn't too expensive. they got WIFI. Lots of jellies and toast and ham and cheese and buns and such. And at night the breakfast room doubles as a great dinner restaurant, fancy food.

One of my favorite places was Assisi, where St. Francis, the animal lover, is entombed. I saw his tomb and his friend St claire's. Assisi was all old stony streets and winding roads medieval buildings. And they totally deck out at christmas time. St clair's tomb was creepy. They have her bones inside this wax figure of a dead woman.

The hotel Palotta was great, adorable family run place. When you walk to the edges of the city, you see hills and fields. The little figure shops are to DIE for, and there is a lovable religious hobo, Massimo, with white hair, who goes around and he's just so friendly. Loved it, would live there.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to places like Verona (Juliet's House) and Pisa, and Venice, and Florence, and southern Italy, but I hear southern Italy is even better!

I will go to Italy again someday, maybe move there. I can send you a lot of pictures of my trip, though, and tell you where each was taken! Message me if you want pictures. I've been meaning to upload some anyway.

I can add a lot more to this discussion, and I haven't even been to a fifth of all the places you're "supposed to" go to in Italy. My dad was ragging on me about that. :P

God bless Italy, and god bless you and I hope you enjoy your time there!

Posted December 29th, 2012 - 12:42 am by from Schenectady, United States (Permalink)
Wow Cass sounds like you had quite the adventure thanks for your awesome message very informative! I would love to see pictures... I only have 10 days but I will make the best out of those days!

Surrahh1 is my skype if you want to chat!

Thanks again

Posted December 29th, 2012 - 12:58 am by from Cranston, United States (Permalink)
Hi! I'm only so sorry I didn't go to the more sterotypical Italian places and that my friend abandoned me, but it's ok, I can go there next time!

I can send you some great pics if you want! I can also tell you how expensive the places were, and what food they had, because, geek that I am, I took pictures of everything, even the menus.

I can also tell you the hotels I stayed at, and how cheap. the Rome hotel with the nuns was so darn awesome. They are right out of Sound of Music, only Italian, not Austrian.

I added you on Skype, sis! See ya there!

Posted December 29th, 2012 - 2:19 pm from Parma, Italy
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Posted December 30th, 2012 - 6:52 am from New Delhi, India
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