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David Piller 
Posted December 11th, 2009 - 9:55 am by David Piller from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)

to clear up possible clouds about registrations.

You receive after successful registration and payment the following type of messages:

1. online payment

2. bank transfers

Your credit card has been disabled with AlertPay. Please contact AlertPay Customer Support for assistance."
Posted November 25th, 2009 - 5:01 pm by LOKAMI from Zurich, Switzerland (Permalink)
"Your credit card has been disabled with AlertPay. Please contact AlertPay Customer Support for assistance."

This is the message people get if they try paying via AlertPay from a country that is not the country that issued the credit card (approximately, it seems their system does not make a difference between Holland and Belgium for instance). Before trying, you might consider as suggested elsewhere asking a friend/family member to do the payment for you from the country of issue of the card.

So, if you try anyways and get this message (and no confirmation email within say the hour), your payment has not been processed. If you want confirmation, check with their help desk, they are relatively fast (a day or so) to answer.

I personally got that message even though I had used a Swiss credit card from Switzerland. Even though they announced that card as blocked, I still managed to use it successfully later, by registering a user account with them (free, and only a matter of filling some forms). This might only have worked because the card was actually used from its home country, and I used a different internet connection (home/office), so maybe IPs changed. In any case my point is that "disabled" cards might still work with AlertPay (comments below?).

Also, don't worry if your credit card currency is not listed (EUR/USD/GBP), and just select EUR.

Andras Foldvari 
NON CS/HC etc guest policy at BPWC - not subject to discussion
Posted November 19th, 2009 - 3:30 pm by Andras Foldvari from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
The organizers feel responsible - /though not legally bound/ for the safety and security of all participants, therefor it is resolved that each profile holder may bring one additional non profiled member to the events./These guests need to be registered as well and supplied with a wristband./
Only profile owners may stay at the CAMP.
Profile holders at their gender specification showing "several people": the other members on the profile should have a photo on the profile with at least a user name mentioned on the profile.
At check in ID cards or passports will be required.

Thank you for your understanding, and cooperation

for the Organizers: Andras