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New Place Pages :)
Posted March 22nd, 2013 - 3:03 pm by from Caracas, Venezuela (Permalink)
It seems that more often than not posts here about what CS is doing wrong. I would like to take the opportunity to point out something that is going right.

For the last several months, since in the introduction of the "place pages" a lot of towns and villages have been clumped together with nearby cities. I can understand this as not every hamlet on Earth could be recognized. However, somewhat disturbingly, numerous countries did not have their own page. As an example, if you searched for Yemen, you got redirected to Djibouti. Not recognizing a country was a huge insult to the people of that place. Discussions sprung up on numerous groups, like Georgia.

It wasn't just one or 2 places that got overlooked. I stopped counting at 20 countries, that's 10% of UN recognized places.

However, in the last week or so, admin/IT have been working to correct the error. Many of the countries previously 'unrecognized' now have their own page. While it's not perfect yet, i applaud CS for listening to the needs of the people this was effecting and doing their best to rectify the situation.

Posted March 22nd, 2013 - 6:13 pm from Riga, Latvia
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Posted March 23rd, 2013 - 1:16 am by from Caracas, Venezuela (Permalink)
Actually, no. CS didn't have places pages for the following countries:

Kuwait was diverted to Saudi Arabib
Yemen gets you sent to Djibouti (not even the same continent)
Oman gets you sent to UAE.
Qatar gets sent to Bahrain
Andorra ges sent to France.
Liechtenstein get sent to Austria.
Georgia gets sent to the US state, not the country. (try to redefine to Tbilisi and it sends you to Russia)
Eritrea get sent to Ethiopia (and the countries don't like each other)
Seychelles gets sent to Somalia (slight difference there)
Brunei gets sent to Malaysia
East Timor gets sent to Indonesia
Chad gets sent to Nigeria
Burundi gets sent to Rwanda
Gabon ges sent to Congo
Benin gets sent to Togo
The Gambia gets sent to Senegal
Liberia gets sent to Mali
Guinea gets sent to Mali
Guyana gets sent to Brazil
Kiribati gets sent to Samoa

These are some of the UN recognized countries that didn't have their own place pages on CS. So if you wanted to find information on Yemen (for example) you'd have to ask on the Djibouti page. A bit of a same for a website that claims to respect cultural diversity.

Many of these have since been given place pages. But some have not.