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Climbing down the coast of Catalonia
Posted November 30th, 2011 - 5:47 pm by from Lyon, France (Permalink)
Hey All,

I'm trying to put together a climbing trip for the 19th to the 30th of December. I'm flying into Barcelona to meet a friend and the loose plan so far is to travel down to Murcia and then to Granada. I heard that Tarragon would be a good place to hit up on the way. Since I don't know the area I was hoping to get some input on places to climb, places to stay and how to travel between sites. I got camping and sport climbing equipment that I'll be bringing with me, of course if anybody wants to climb with us you're more than welcome to join!


Posted November 30th, 2011 - 9:56 pm by from Barcelona, Spain (Permalink)
Maybe it's better to write only in this thread.

Around Tarragona you have loads of climbing sites, some of them are amongst the world's most famous. But starting from Barcelona I would recommend to visit Montserrat. Even just visiting the Mountain is worth going there. And there is a lot of climbing, in December preferably at the southern side. Only if you hate conglomerate you should spare it.
Then my primary suggestion would be Siurana. Great climbing, beautiful area, good campsite. Some of my friends told me after a trip through northeastern Spain that this was one of the best campsites they had. When you are there and you have a car you can also visit many other places around, e.g. Margalef, Arbolí, ...
A bit off your way but totally worth a visit is the area around Lleida - there is a reason why Chris Sharma moved to that place.
For moving around you should have a car, otherwise it's a bit complicated.
We could organise for example going to Siurana together (with my car), but only on weekends. I also have a couple of guidebooks, if you would like to we could meet in Barcelona when you arrive and you can have a look at those to see what you like.

Best regards - Georg

Posted November 30th, 2011 - 10:20 pm by from Cartagena, Spain (Permalink)
Hi there!

I just starting to know about climbing in Catalonia. I was in Margalef last weekend (and I hope to go next one as well!!) it was great. There they told me about Siurana and Arbolí, it sounds great as well.

Guys, if you are going from Barcelona with your car there maybe you want to share some car-expenses. Usually I take the train until Reus where I meet my friends, but if some of you go directly to Margalef (or around) maybe we could go together. email me.

or say hello to me if you see me around Margalef :) (I'm always climbing with a black scarf on the head)



Posted December 1st, 2011 - 5:01 pm by from Barcelona, Spain (Permalink)
im up for siurana and at this time of the year its the best , thought margaleff its great too and also you can climb at the sun in winter time , but the last time i was there i got a injure in my finger ( the conglomerado its really shrarp there and if you like to push hard..) . and the best for me its rodellar not so far from barcelona around 2h ,30m . but the place worth it , huge walls and a lot of areas in just a small valley ( from the first area till the end its around 30 min and there are like 50 areas). also there is a free parking where you can park and sleep ( in summer time this place is closed and you have to pay a camping).and finally like gerog said the area of lleida there are hundred of really amazing places , my favorites tres ponts and collegats . but the car its the key to visit all those amazing places .
i hope we can organize something

Posted December 5th, 2011 - 10:47 pm by from Stuttgart, Germany (Permalink)
Hmm.. I like the sound of where this is going!

I've been to Siurana twice now, and I would definitely recommend it. And apparently Montserrat is an amazingly beautiful location. Other than this little knowledge, I'm new to the Spanish climbing locations, but extremely enthusiastic about exploring as many as I can.

I'd be happy to share car expenses if you have space.

I have my trad/classical rack, a rope, sport climbing stuff and a two man tent.

Hope I can join (for at least part of the trip!)

Posted December 7th, 2011 - 5:52 pm by from Lyon, France (Permalink)
Hey guys,

Sorry this has taken so long to put together, here's the basics for the traveling plan so far, suggestions are welcome. As I'm flying in a few days ahead of my friend I'm trying to find places to stay/people to meet up with through CS.


December 19th: Fly into Barcelona (BCN) midday

December 20th - 22nd: Visit Barcelona, find hiking trails and go climbing (around Montserrat per Georg's suggestion) if people are interested. My friend Ben whom I'll be traveling with is set to arrive in Barcelona the 22nd

December 23rd: We will be heading south to Murcia, I think we should hit up Tarragona on the way if we have time.

December 24th - 25th: Planning on pulling into Murcia for lunch and dinner.

December 26th - 30th: We'd like to go climbing round south by Murica but I'm not opposed to heading back north to Margalef or Tarragona or Siurana. I'm down to split a car and gas to get to the place and will be bringing a two (tight three) person tent. Perhaps even El Chorro, I'd like to be in Granada by the 31st.

Jan 1st to the 8th I'll be in Granada visiting friends and looking for places to do day/overnight trips. I take off the 12th and have a few days I was thinking of spending in Madrid.

If you want to join for all or part of the trip please let me know, also if you're gonna be in the area feel free to message me, I hope I get the chance to meet ya all.

Posted December 8th, 2011 - 11:11 am by from Barcelona, Spain (Permalink)

If you'd like we could meet in Barcelona when you arrive to have a look at some guidebooks and discuss Montserrat. I can also show you some shops for buying books.

0043 699 11871448

See you - Georg

Posted December 8th, 2011 - 1:20 pm by from Lyon, France (Permalink)
Sounds good Georg, thank you for your help on this thread, I'll be sure to keep it updated. Hopefully we will get the chance to climb together!