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Guelph, ON and on...
Posted September 9th, 2012 - 12:45 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Hi, I am a life-long learner (okay, others learn faster but I am enjoying the journey ;), always been interested in diversity and now I have the time to explore. I am trying to travel and meet people now with the intention of being a serious host in another year or so.. we'll see how it goes.
Starting Sep 11 in Guelph, Likely two weeks later in Kingston, ON then driving out toward Calgary, Alberta for early October.

Posted September 9th, 2012 - 3:38 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hey Jack, we are couch surfers in Annaheim Saskatchewan (about 1 1/2 hours from Saskatoon)depending on which highway you take we are about 1/2 hour from the Yellowhead (if going to Edmonton thru Saskatoon) HWY16....bit further from the TC (if going to Calgary thru Saskatoon) (2hrs)

Small town, big hearts.....if you are interested we have a futon etc in our basement....bit of the beaten path but great area .....


Posted September 19th, 2012 - 9:38 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Steve, just brought to my attention that when I reply on my iPhone I need to do it this way. I feplied positively to your invite and when I get back on the laptop I will be more clear onplans. Thanks for getting in touch!

Posted September 20th, 2012 - 11:31 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hey Jack got your reply.....Yeah please let us know the details as we will need to "plan" your couch!!!
We are around most evenings...we have skype or if best email works....

Steve and Adele.

Posted October 22nd, 2012 - 1:33 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Steve and Adele,

I am behind schedule as I am wrapping-up affairs here in Ontario(selling rural property and listed house for sale). I begin my westward journey on November 19th, so would likely be in Saskatchewan @ 20/21st. Will you guys be around then?
I am really excited at the prospect and hope your door will still be open :-))

Posted October 22nd, 2012 - 2:18 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hey Jack , I cannot see why we would NOT be around....I will be in Saskatoon for RED HOT ChILi PEPPERS on the 24....other than that should be here....let us know as it gets closer...

Steve and Adele

Posted November 16th, 2012 - 1:56 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Well, my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, looking forward to starting the journey in earnest on Nov 19th! I'll stay at my brothers place on Manitoulin Island to start then off to Manitoba and Saskatchewan! Need to be in Calgary on Thursday Nov 22nd.
Looking forward to staying in Annaheim on Tuesday November 20th!

Posted November 16th, 2012 - 2:18 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Jack , just to confirm your reservation, Nov 20 will be fine.
I work during the day Tuesday and Wednesday and am usually home about 3:30. My number at work is 598-2119 ext 220. You can give me a call when you are in the area and I can give you a tour of our plant. (If you are here Monday night I have a rehearsal for a dinner theater we are doing....you can come and critique the production....it is funny!).

As for Wednesday I am at work at about 7 am but can go in a bit later no big deal.

So yeah.....kids will be here and we are busy family but what is one more body for a day/night , should be fun!!


Posted November 16th, 2012 - 3:45 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Thank you Steve for your timely reply. I think I may just head back over to Annaheim to see your dinner theatre in production - Food and Funny, can it get any better than that?
Okay, one SMALL amendment ;-0) I can comfortably arrive in the afternoon on Wednesday the 21st of November. Sorry for the error. I was thinking Wednesday but put the 20th. So Wed 21st. I called your work # using two different area codes with no luck (204 and 531?).
Please let me know if this plan is okay - and what flavour of fine VQA Ont. wine I may bring to the table ;-)

Posted November 16th, 2012 - 4:21 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hi jack well it was just a rehearsal the actual production is 29 30 dec 1 so with you coming wed now not sure if there will be a practice or not.....wed supper will be good....anything white is fine for wine....so let me know if anything changes......and we are area code 306

Posted November 20th, 2012 - 10:03 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hey Jack just wondering if you have any idea what time you will arrive in Annaheim....if that is still the plan??

Are you planning on leaving early on Thursday?? Just wondering?


Posted November 21st, 2012 - 12:53 pm by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Good morning, Steve!
I am luxuriating in the warmth and hospitality here in Winnipeg this am and not anxious to hit the snowy trail out there yet :(. Snow banks!!!
However, will be on the road shortly and will arrive near your place in the afternoon. Thinking ahead by a day, I'll have to leave for Calgary first thing - 7am?
Looking forward to seeing you. Really enjoying the trip.

Posted November 21st, 2012 - 12:56 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Well we have not got the snow ....YET! so all is good.
You can call me on my cell also 306-231-4650 once you hit Yorkton, then we can figure out just when you will arrive.

7 am will be great , bit busy at our place in the am but not a big deal.

See you later today....

Posted November 16th, 2012 - 2:24 pm by from Lumby, Canada (Permalink)
Glad to hear you're finally on your way. I love Manitoulin Island as I spent my earlier years in that area. Be sure to get lots of photos.
Get ready for winter on the prairies!!
Cheers - Greta

Posted November 16th, 2012 - 4:40 pm by from Annaheim, Canada (Permalink)
Hey its going to be +4 here sunday and monday,!!

Posted September 25th, 2012 - 12:35 pm by from Lumby, Canada (Permalink)
If you wander further west to the Okanagan, I have a couch?? Enjoy your wanderings... - Greta

Posted September 30th, 2012 - 1:50 am by from Guelph/Eramosa, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Greta!
I certainly appreciate the your offer. I looked at your profile and you seem warm and inviting, so does the 'couch'! I drove through the Okanagan, but spent zero time there. I would love to visit and will check into the possibility shortly.

Posted September 30th, 2012 - 7:17 pm by from Lumby, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Jack,
I'm new to couchsurfing, had one fabulous host in Florence, Italy and have some room in my home so time to give back! On October 13th I'm heading for an overnight trip to Keefer Lake Wilderness Resort with some other people so if you're in the vicinity check out www.keeferlake.com. Some mighty awesome places around here to explore and photograph. Cheers - Greta