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Trip to the Czech Republic - Olomouc
Posted May 4th, 2011 - 9:40 pm by from Olomouc, Czech Republic (Permalink)
Last week I said I have to go this weekend to the Czech Republic (exactly to Olomouc) because I have some work there. And some of you said you want to go too.

So I made this event.
If you want to go, pleas write me.
I have to really work, but always there is some time for fun.
If you want I can promise to make some trip without work but not this weekend.

What is in the plan?
Everything what you want :)
In Olomouc is historical center, ZOO, famous place of pilgrimage, really cheap sauna (2,- E),swimming pool (3,- E), pubs, discos, cafes, parks for picnic, karaokes, museums, galleries...
In Olomouc there are some CSers too so we can meet them :)

What is my vision?
I want to go to CR on Saturday and have all day time.
On Friday I'm busy from 14:00 to 20:00.
On Monday I'm busy all day (to 18:00) and in the evening (or on Tuesday morning) I have to go back to Vienna.

What is my work?
I moderate on Monday one small festival about Europe for schools "Europe at the Square". It's traditional events at the Town Square. The schools choose some state and present it - typical food, culture, history. Maybe it can be interesting to you and I'm sure that children will be very happy to see you and hear your opinions for example about your state :)

How I said there are some CSers so it's your business :)
Some people can sleep maybe with me by my friend (but I can say it first tomorrow - after consultation with her so pleas write me private message)

I think it will be rally funny if we go together :) So the cheapest variant is with Student Agency. The bus goes on Sunday at 11:45 from Lassallestr./Praterstern. So we meet 11:30 teher.
Its 13,- E or 11,- E if you have ISIC.
Here is the link :)
Be careful, if you want to sit next somebody, you have to reserve exactly this place :)
Again if you have some trouble write me! :)
I try to help you.
Return journey is your business :) I don't know how you need to be back. But if you want we can go together again - so again write me!

City traffic:
In Olomouc there is one day (= 24 hours) ticket (if you have some student card) for 1,- E.

In Czech Republic we have really cheap food. Normally menu 3,5 E, pizza 5,-E, beer 1,- E, cafe 1,5 E...

Important notice:
We haven't Euro!!! You have to change your money!!! 1 E = 25,- CZK.
The cheapest variant is pay by credit card or I can take some money and give you a good rate :)

I hope it's all. If you have some questions ask!!!

Sorry for my English.

Special messages:
Pjotr, you was first who said:"I want to go" so I hope it still apply
Ali, you should to go ;)

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