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Places that CS Doesn't Reach
Posted August 10th, 2009 - 10:01 am by from Pentre, Wales (Permalink)

Thanks to those who replied to my message about setting up a sub-group. I have read the first 12 messages. I will check again to see if anything has been added.

There was one unambiguous vote in favour of a sub-group - no one opposed it - some expressed concern about time to participate - which I quite understand. I am myself perpared to put in a limited amount of time on this. I agree with the comment that Couch Surfing is good as it stands - my experiences to date have been very positive - but if a moderate amount of effort can make it better then I am willing to give it a go.

To give an idea of what might be missing from Couch Surfing ..

One of my best experiences when I was in Bulgaria was visiting a village - as a guest of an academic (non-CS) contact. I enjoyed meeting the neighbours and members of the family. I saw evidence of a high degree of self-sufficiency - something which I personally admired. Of course these people are "off the radar" as far as couch surfing is concerned - although they do have children and grandchildren in the cities who could well be involved. None of the villagers spoke English - at least not in my presence. The Internet, however, didn't seem to be that remote. One neighbour (absent when I was there) had Skype!

What I would suggest that we list suggestions by numbers. I have given 1, 2 and 3 to mine. I would suggest a separate thread for each suggestion. After discussion I suggest we call for a vote. If a suggestion has a lot of support then we see what we can do to implement it.

Some suggestions may require changes in the software or changes in the rules. I am responding to one suggestion that we contact the Administration Team now - see separate message.

Thanks again for your messages. Please remember, I don't want you to spend much time on this!


Just to recall the three suggestions that I put forward

(1) Profiles in more than one language
(2) Encouraging Parents to Join
(3) Involving Associations of older people

Please feel free to add to the list. Please give them numbers.