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A fellow Traveller needs your help
Posted April 3rd, 2013 - 7:25 am by from Northampton, England (Permalink)
A Scotish biker needs your help
Hello i am asking for help for a good friend and fellow lifelong biker from the Scottish Highlands
H e is going to ride from Scotland to Moscow and back on a 125 cc bike for charity

Now there are 2 ways we can help him
we can just donate some money to his charity
or we can offer to ride with him to show him the way
help with the local language/customs etc
we can offer him a bed ,a meal or just a cup of tea
and he will be most grateful
Now we strange Band of Brothers who worship motorbikes and the gods of speed
We will curse any car that cuts us up but wobble all over the place to wave at other bikers
and slam on the brakes or even turn around to go and see if a fellow biker on the side of the road needs our help and i am so glad that i chose to join this band
please read the link to see why he does it
and then see how much you can do
Thank you Tony

Posted April 3rd, 2013 - 7:37 am by from Jakarta, Indonesia (Permalink)
Does he have dates for this? From July 11-14 we will have a relatively large CS event in Riga called Riga Good Times, if this can somehow be used to spread awareness or something, let us know.

Posted April 3rd, 2013 - 10:42 am by from Northampton, England (Permalink)

Hi Jorgen This is a link to John on CS
he is very busy and this is why i am trying to help him
I will get him to write down a list of towns in all the countries he will pass through and post it on every countries board
Thank you for your offer to help him and i really do mean it when i say if you give him a cup of tea he will love you all for that but i am sure there are many things you all could do and will leave it up to you to decide

Publicity may be a good one [a totaly mad Highlander riding a 125cc old bike to Moscow and back must be good news]
Keep in touch

Posted April 6th, 2013 - 5:38 pm by from Northampton, England (Permalink)
Hi all once again I am appealing to your generosity to help my friend on his epic charity trip

What we need right now are road maps of the countries he will travel through ,they can be new or second hand but you will have to post them to him please

The Countries

John bryden
PH38 4LZ

Also if you could find and include any help with camping [wild] or camp sites
John will not take any money from the money raised for kirstys kids and he will pay for everything he needs from his own pocket during this trip ,so any little thing you can give him to help with the planning and execution of this trip will be most gratefully received

Thank You all for any help you can give

Posted April 8th, 2013 - 7:28 pm by from Northampton, England (Permalink)
John Brydens route [Approx] for the
2013 charity ride to Moscow and back
Day 1 july 6
Leave Lochailort and head for Hull [400
miles approx]
Over night ferry to Rotterdam
Day 2 july 7
[170 miles approx]
Day 3 july 8
Oldenburg/Bremen/Hamburg /Flensburg
[275 miles approx]
Day 3 july 8
Kolding/Odense/Kopenhagen/Helsingor /
[220 miles]
Day 4 july 9
Helsingborg/Goteborg/Stromstad [244
Day 5 july 10
Narvik/Tromso/Alta/Kirkenes [2273
miles] 7 days
Day 13 july 18
petersburg/ [3256 miles] 10 days
day 23 july 28
Narva/Tallinn/Parnu/Haademeeste/ [341
day 24 july 29
Ainazi/Riga/bauska [129 miles]
Day 25 july 30
Panevezys/Vilnius/ [140 miles]
Day 25 july 30
Minsk/Baranavicy/Brest [338 miles]
Day 26 july 31
Biala podlaska/warsaw/poznan/Slubice
[522 miles]
Day 27/ august 1
[750 miles]
Day 28 august 2
Quentin/Arras/St Omer/Calais [338 miles]
Day 29 august 3
Dover/london/dunstable /milton
keynes/weedon bec/derby/Glossop /burnley/
kilbride/greenock/dunoon/inverary/benderlock /fort william/lochailort
[710 miles]
day 30/31 august 4/5
Total milage as per google maps 10,106
But I think you need 1 / 2 thousand
more miles to stay of motorways

Posted April 15th, 2013 - 4:23 pm by from Northampton, England (Permalink)
John Brydens contact book
We have decided that John will need a
book of the people who offer to help him on his trip so that he can
contact them when he is near and needs help.
We thought of some different ways and
came up with POSTCARDS if all of you who have offered help or are
thinking of doing so then could you please send a post card from
where you live to John and then email him your mobile/email and
address details and he can write this on the back of your card [only
write a small message on the card leave enough room for your address
/mobile and email]then he can group the cards to each country and
only gets out your details when he is near
Also this will leave John and his
family with a wonderful reminder of all the people who offered to
help him
Now again in my talks with john he is
concerned about not appearing to be rude by not staying with people
who offer him a bed or any other help
So we want to point out that this is
not a holiday for john he needs to ride hard and long each and every
day ,and if this means that he rides by your town in the middle of
the day he wants you to try to understand that he is not being rude
and he does really appreciate your offer but it will only work if he
is near you when he decides to stop riding and needs food and sleep
We still desperately need a Russian map
as even google does not seem to have all the roads on so we are
having difficuly in planning a good route from Murmansk to Arkhanglsk
and Moscow
Once again I appeal to all of you kind
Couchsurfers to try and help John along his route if you possibly can
he will have a tent and sleeping bag with him so a patch of groung to
sleep on /a bed /shower/food and drink all would be kindly
appreciated but the most important help he can possably get is a
local with a motorbike to show him the quickest and easiest way on
his route,he also would like to get as much publicity in your Country
as possible and to get some schools interested in following his trip
as a school project to try to highlight the fact he is doing this to
help less fortunate children
Once again my heartfelt thanks go out
to all of you who read this post

[size= x-small]tonk1952@gmail.com[/size]

[size= x-small]johncbryden@btinternet.com[/size]

[size= x-small]http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/kirstyskids.org/[/size]

[size= x-small]http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/kirstyskids[/size]



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