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Need your advice on transportation around cities in Poland :)
Posted January 13th, 2013 - 7:25 pm by from Erlangen, Germany (Permalink)
Hello dear all,

I'm currently planing my trip to Poland this March, but i just wondering which might be a cheaper way to move from one city to another.

Currently i'm thinking to visit Warszawa- Krakow- Wroclaw-Poznan; i know there's train i can take, but how about bus? is there any bus run around these cities?


Posted January 13th, 2013 - 7:50 pm by from Gliwice, Poland (Permalink)
Try to check on site http://www.polskibus.com/

You should also try to use polish trains. It will be not so expensive. And good adventure also;) http://rozklad-pkp.pl

Posted January 13th, 2013 - 7:52 pm by from Krakow, Poland (Permalink)
Krakow - Wroclaw
cheap bus: http://www.link-bus.com/en

Posted January 13th, 2013 - 8:22 pm by from Lodz, Poland (Permalink)
The best cheap options is "polskibus" www.polskibus.com/en

Posted January 13th, 2013 - 9:49 pm by from Buffalo, United States (Permalink)

The best way to do it is to check the train station and the bus station before you buy anything. I can't remember but I think that is only really possible in Krakow where the bus and train stations are very very close.

The other guys pointed out that Polski Bus is great. I think that is the cheapest way to get from Warsaw to Krakow. But I think it is slower than the train.

There are many cheap buses from Krakow to Wrocław - which are also faster than the train. So I would suggest you buy your bus ticket at the bus station in Krakow for that. You have to buy Polski Bus tickets online.

I only traveled from Wrocław to Poznan once and I took the train so I don't know about the bus for that trip but I don't remember the train being expensive.

Just a warning - the website for the trains isn't very good. I suggest just going to the station a day or two before you want to leave that city. [Will you be here during Easter? It is Sunday March 31st. A LOT of people will be traveling during that time. It's going to be crazy.]



Posted January 13th, 2013 - 10:36 pm by from Warsaw, Poland (Permalink)
Im opening mind and have another possible options:

check cheap flights and round for example Warsaw>Budapest>Kraków shouldnt be much more expensive and sometimes can be oposite and possibly quicker!

choose my mobile CS hosting and cost sharing :-)

Season starts from mid march I hope
Anybody interested?


Posted January 15th, 2013 - 9:48 pm by from Erlangen, Germany (Permalink)
Thank you all so much!
I'll later take some time to see these and to decide what to do.
And actually without your mention i didn't aware of i could run into the Easter during my trip, but luckily i won't have to worry about that traffic i guess, because i'll travel before that :)

Happy Couchsurfing,

Posted January 20th, 2013 - 11:18 pm by from Warsaw, Poland (Permalink)
Polski Bus is definitely the best way. It's cheap and of a very good standard. U can buy the tickets online and don't even have to print it, just give the ticket collector the reference number. All my friends use it when they can. The webpage is in english too: http://www.polskibus.com/en

Posted January 21st, 2013 - 10:53 am by from Erlangen, Germany (Permalink)
thanx :)
i'll definitly use Polski, but just it dosen't cover all the routes i want to go(ex, Krakow-Wroclw), so i gotta figurd out other bus or train for that.

Posted February 16th, 2013 - 9:19 pm by from Moscow, Russia (Permalink)
link-bus was great on this rout (Wroclaw-Krakow)
and also bear in mind that you can save money on buying one ticket to cover two parts of your trip providing that you finish in the arrival point within 22 hours from your start. Example: you take a morning train from A to B at 8am, then spend a day in B, and take a night train to C. if the train arrives to C earlier thatn 8am, then you can buy a ticket from A to C and just get off the train in B and spend there as much time as you need. it's possible when you buy tickets without places. and you should also mention this stop to the cashier.

Posted February 18th, 2013 - 11:45 am by from Erlangen, Germany (Permalink)
hello Marina,

thanks for your tip :)
but i'm a little confussed now. so basically what i understood is one can stop over a point between 2 destinations for 22 hr, is this correct?
but this rule applys to bus, train, or both?

Posted February 18th, 2013 - 7:02 pm by from Moscow, Russia (Permalink)
well, the duration of the stop-over depends on the duration of your trips from A to B and from B to C, so that in total the trip from A to C should be finished within 24 hours.
this is for trains only (and I assume it also depends on the type of the train you gonna take), so each time you think it can apply to your route just talk about that with the lady in the ticket office to be safe ;)