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What can be done for The World March For Peace And Non-Violence?
Posted October 11th, 2009 - 3:22 pm by jimmsfairytales0com from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Permalink)
Any activity that promotes, talks about, or supports the ideals of Peace and Non-Violence can be included in The March. It´s VERY important to realise that The March is not limited to the official international group of travellers who have set out from New Zealand and will have visited 100 cities in 90 countries when they finish their trip around the World in Argentina. You don't have to be on the actual route of the Marchers to take part, or wait for them to show up wherever you are. (The Marchers set off on the 2nd of Oct., but March activities have been going on all over the World for months now.)

It IS important to publicise your event (in the local and national press, giving interviews on local radio, contacting the official organisers of The March)... and mentioning that it's part of The World March.

It IS important to talk about Non-Violence as a tactic and technique for bringing about change for the better . in the World and in our personal corner of it. This march is not ONLY about "World Peace" and "Universal Nuclear Disarmament", although these are important themes dealt with in The March. It is ALSO about rejecting ANY form of violence as a way to solve problems, whether it be violence against children, sexism, economic injustice, the degredation of the poor by the rich to "keep them in their place"...

And don't forget to make your activity INTERESTING, FUN. WHO is going to want to talk about Peace if it's a boring subject?

Què es pot fer per a la Marxa Mundial Per A la Pau I La No-Violència?
Posted October 11th, 2009 - 3:00 pm by jimmsfairytales0com from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Permalink)
Qualsevol activitat que promou, es parla de, o recolza les idees de pau i no-violència es poden incloure dins la Marxa. És MOLT important saber que la Marxa no es limita pas al grup de viatjants que faran el cercle al món: des de Nova Zelanda a Argentina, passant per 100 ciutats en 90 països. No cal trobar-se a la ruta d'aquest=s viatjants, ni esperar que arriben al lloc on tu te trobes.

SÍ és important fer publicitat (al nivel local [entrevistes a ràdio i premsa locals], nacional, i als - a les organitzador=s de la Marxa) de qualsevol activitat que organitzem... i de mencionar el vincle amb la Marxa.

SÍ és important parlar de la no-violència com tàctica i tècnica per a canviar el món (i el nostre racó personal del món) per al millor. Això no es tracta TAN SOLS de "La Pau Mundial" o del "Desarmament Nuclear Universal", encara que aquests són temes molt importants i enclosos a la Marxa.
TAMBÉ es tracta d'acabar amb cada tipus de violència com manera de solventar els problemes. D'acabar amb la violència cap als / a les nen=s, el mascisme, les injustícies econòmiques, la degredació com arma dels rics per a mantenir els / les pobres "al seu lloc"...

I no oblideu fer que les activitats siguin INTERESSANTS, DIVERTIDES. Qui voldrà saber de la pau si és un tema avorrida?