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Be Aware!!!
Posted November 27th, 2010 - 6:14 am by from New York, United States (Permalink)
How can one blindly believe everything about who they allow to "Couchsurf" is true?
Particuallarly if the guests or hosts act polite and say all manner of charming things online or to your face.
Many guests will fool you ,not showing outright who they really are!
They may even have other social networks with many "friends" to prove themselves-however those sites will be compromised to hide any indication of deceptive behavior!!

We may google the names of guests but the facts online are easily skewed or erased to hide pertinent information.

We don't really know who the people we just met are,we are misled to believe we know them with the false sense of closeness couchsurfing creates, in fact we open our houses to strangers from the internet without prior knowing them for years (which clearly shows we don't know them at all).

Guests may lie about and cover up large amounts of truth,especially sexual deviancies, May appear "laid-back" or even passive and grateful :they most likely won't act abusive to your face since their goal is to use you for a free ride, accomodations and all you can give them!!( they may even use this site to "put one over" on women.
Many men :
1.) first charm her with complements,go local places with her, stay in her house, 2.)second lay more complements,lies,manipulation and charm on her, 3.)later gain sexual advantage, something you can be sure he isn't just doing to one woman!!)

Truth be known, these are strangers you are letting in-hence,we don't know how their characters really are, who they victimized prior to us, who they lied to or about before you as it is so easy to hide history when online or without a stable place to go.(there's often a hidden reason people "move around"but oddly don't have real friends and family to stay with)

People who couchsurf are going to often act on their best behavior to your face,hiding the truth in order to gain access and false trust.

Many predators use the site and when you open up your home you don't really know who they are..even in the event of background checks, online history may be erased before you ever get to see it!
Actual article:
Awoman of 29 was raped by a man who offered her free accommodation through a website aimed at helping travellers, a court has heard.
She arranged to stay with Abdelali Nachet through CouchSurfing.com after using the site to stay with strangers across Europe without any problems.

But her brief stay in Leeds turned into a nightmare, it was alleged.

Nachet, 34, took her back to his flat, threatened to kill her and raped her twice during a 'degrading and humiliating' ordeal that lasted throughout the night

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1205794/Rape-horror-tourist-used-couchsurfing-website-aimed-travellers.html#ixzz16Ot9CBrqis

Couchsurfing, a popular phenomenon, particularly among young travelers. Some, however, question how safe it is. Harvard University officials seem to think the risks outweigh the benefits and announced that the school would no longer allow upperclassmen to host couchsurfing guests.

According to The Tufts Daily, couchsurfing gained worldwide popularity in 2003 when couchsurfing.org was launched. The site acts as a network, connecting travelers with locals in countries all over the world. Hosts allow "surfers", or travelers, to stay with them as guests in their homes.

Posted April 23rd, 2011 - 6:01 am by from San Francisco, United States (Permalink)
Have any males reported abuse?