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Michal Knitl 
1st SLOVAK MEETING in Septeber in the central Slovakia!!
Posted March 29th, 2009 - 4:45 am by Michal Knitl from Bratislava, Slovakia (Permalink)

what do you think about the idea to make first CS meeting?
I should come home in July or August, so September looks that we could make it! :) During some weekend, or larger weekend... Till now we had just one "hiking weekend", this can be something similar, we can hike, take tents, play on guitars near the fire...

what do you think about it and does someone knows or has some place, where we could make it? for example big garden or some hut, which we could rent and fit in...

what are your ideas? :)

Caute.. tuto myslienku uz mam dlhsie a rad by som urobil niekedy v septembri celoslovenske stretnutie niekde v strede slovenska, aby to nikto nemal prilis daleko :). v podstate vsetko je otvorene... miesto, datum, a taktiez co sa bude robit.. mozeme ist na hory, posediet pri ohniku, alebo cokolvek... ak ma niekto najake napady, alebo chatu ci velku zahradu kde by sme mohli postavit stany, kludne moze napisat... :) casu mame dost a uz teraz sa tesim na stretnutie... :) abraco! :)