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coming to SLOVENIA this WINTER. which places are good to see in COLD weather?
Posted December 4th, 2012 - 1:14 pm by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
all guides are written for summer travel but since were coming in winter, and travel is harder when you cant simply walk for hours or lay on beaches, do you have suggestions of whats good to do?

for now, all weve got planned is new years planned in ljubljana.

is piran and the rest of coast DEAD?

how about skiing for BEGINNERS?

BLED is very popular as a romantic place, but what about when its covered in snow?

we will only have time for 3-4 places during the week we are there.



Posted December 4th, 2012 - 2:56 pm from Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Posted December 4th, 2012 - 3:29 pm by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
thanks. i didnt mean to imply that we cannot handle the cold. we live in sweden where its perfectly fucking cold. its just that winter limits certain activities, so regular guide books that list walking tours, walks on the beach and and bike rides are not helpful.


Posted December 15th, 2012 - 10:56 am by from Klagenfurt, Austria (Permalink)
Metelkova Mesto is great, and if you can get a place in the youth hostel Celica, it's even worth not couchsurfing one or two nights!
I really think it's the coolest youth hostel in Europe, at least the coolest I've ever seen. (unless you don't like a really clean, yet artistic renovated prison turned into a hostel with a bar that even locals visit, with jam sessions, hookah rooms, etc...) However, you probably can't get a room at such short notice. Metelkova Mesto is right behind it. This is one of two alternative culture centers, with a heavy, loud music club, Gromka, alternative cinema, bars, etc. There's another one in town as well, but I don't remember the name.
Bled is especially nice in winter because there are so few people there. I was just there in November.

Posted December 15th, 2012 - 6:17 pm by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
Thanks for the tip. While we already have a place booked for a couple of nights, I.made a reservation for one more night in a prison room. Not sure what the gf will think, but its right up my alley.

Can you tell me what you know about bled?

1. is it a place to spend a couple of days, or better as a day trip from Ljubljana.

2. There's only about 10 cs in all of bled, so I contacted all, but have received only one response, and they can't host us. Can you recommend a place to stay there? Hotel, b&b, couch, whatever.

3. transportation wise, can you go from bled back to Italy? Our next stop after there is Venice. Or do we have to backtrack thru Ljubljana because the Triglav mountains are in the way?

So lets keep in touch and hang out for New Years if you're around.

Posted December 15th, 2012 - 8:24 pm by from Bled, Slovenia (Permalink)
Bled in snow is much better than Bled in summer ;))....if ypu get lucky and it wont rain and you decide to visit Bled we can meet up for coffee ;)

You can still visit caves (škocjan or postojna) ...it depends what are you interested in? If you are staying in ljubljana I recommend you to visit hostel Celica (the cell)

Posted December 16th, 2012 - 12:19 am by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
We will stay for a night in the cell. Doesn't exactly sound comfortable, but pretty fucking cool. Would love to meet you in bled. Have you got a suggestion for where to stay there? I'm told its super romantic, don't mind spending a little to be in a nice place.

Posted December 16th, 2012 - 12:54 pm by from Klagenfurt, Austria (Permalink)
The cells in Celica are each designed by a different artist, but I'm pretty sure the beds are comfy. I've never stayed in one though, only in the rooms with bunks.

I don't think there are any major roads to Italy through the Triglav national park, but Lake Bohinj is maybe even more beautiful if you prefer nature.

Bled is really quiet in winter, good for a walk along the south side or a trip to the castle, or a boat ride to the island.
I've stayed at a campsite on the opposite side form the town a couple times, but I assume it's closed in the winter. Hiking is definitely also possible, if you don't mind hiking in the cold. You could do all this in one day, but if you're looking for a place to relax from your travels, Bled is good for this.
There is a really nice (but a bit pricy) restaurant right at the "center" called Okarina with international cuisine and good service.

The most famous pastry from Bled is the "Kremna Rezina", a vanilla custard cake. Personally, I find it too sweet, and I'm vegan, but many people love it. The cafe that claims the original recipe is called "Panorama" and as the name says they have a view straight down to the lake and up to the castle above. You'll probably get a table right at the window, unless there is a pre-Christmas rush to Bled. It was almost empty when I was there in November.

The entrance into the castle is a bit much, but there is a wine cellar, a chapel and a museum to visit. Otherwise you can see it from the outside and enjoy the view down to Bled from the outer wall.

I'll probably be at this activity in Ljubljana for NYE:

Have a good time and happy trails!

Posted December 16th, 2012 - 6:04 pm by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
thanks, lots of good info. actually, what im thinking i may do now is squeeze in a trip to bled on the 30th. we only booked sat night in the prison, so sunday, we have to check out anyway. unless ljubljana is different, sundays are genrally dead anyway, so perhaps a perfect day to walk around bled lake, stay for a quiet night and rest up in anticipation of our return to ljubljana on the 31st. if the bakery is open, we will try the pastry and give you our opinions when we see you on new years. the little ljubljana apt we rented on airbnb is pretty central, near the universities, a bunch of hotels and the alibi hostel, and cheaper for use of the whole apt than staying in a former prison.

Posted December 31st, 2012 - 12:42 pm by from Austin, United States (Permalink)
Hey Nina, we are coming out to bled, tomorrow after the New Years madness is behind us. I imagine it will be a pretty late night, but I doubt all night, so maybe we can catch a bus and be there by noon. Wanna meet for lunch? Leave a phone number so we can call you. Or you can reach us at 046 728 411 994 swedish number. Or email ctlndsgn@yahoo.com