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Another Metro victim
Posted November 13th, 2010 - 8:24 pm by from Epernon, France (Permalink)
I braved the weather and the effort required to come into Paris to do my Christmas shopping for NZ but my wallet with all my credit cards, drivers license, money and personal photos of me and my daughter (irreplaceable) was stolen somewhere between porte d'Orleans and Paris Montparnasse.

Fortunately I wear my bag around my neck so they left me that but the wallet is gone. No money to get home to Rambouillet, no money to even buy a baguette for the next few days at least and no drivers license.

I wonder how many other couch surfers this happens to? It really puts me off Paris. It's traumatising when this happens to someone who is not french and is still trying to adjust to living in France. I have a very limited support network.

Thank God my mayday resulted in some assistance from two work colleagues and some speedy assistance from my banks in France and NZ. Scan ALL your documents and NEVER carry all your ID in your bag ladies.I don't generally carry my passport unless there is a specific reason as it is too precious-I'm sticking to that rule.

Posted November 16th, 2010 - 3:53 pm by from Butterworth, Malaysia (Permalink)
You have my sympathy. I know how upsetting it is. I had my pouch picked in Shanghai but the person was kinder. Only took my money and even then, left me 10 yuan, presumably for the ticket home. Luckily I didn't have much money there and I had travel insurance.

Posted November 22nd, 2010 - 1:56 am by from Montpellier, France (Permalink)
For a man, it's easier to have papers inside a jacket.

As to me in Paris, that kind of things happened me only during street performances. For instance last september, I was at the teknoparade with a camera.

Normally people like to be photographed, but at the end people coming behind me knocked my head and one of them took off the camera from my neck to make it falling. But when I looked on the street it was not here. Finally somebody of the security gave me the camera back and I when away.

People who tried to get my camera accused me to be a policeman making photos, but I was not making photos of them. And I think it was a pretext to try to steel my camera.

I lost a camera more than 5 years ago at the end of a street performance against Jean Marie Le Pen (an extreme right political man). A group of several persons open my back bag to make things falling on the street and I saw one of them pushing things with his foot. Several people immediately helped me to take bask cheap thing like a map of Paris, but I didn't see my pocket camera. I think people who helped me were people of the same group, and so they occupied me when others were going away with the most expensive things.

I think to have a back bag opened is the principal risk in several street performances. One year ago at the teknoparade, my bag was also oppened at the end (always the end). I lost a currency bag (that generally I don't take) and I have to return to Paris the following day to recover my wallet in a police station. But they had taken nothing inside, not even the cheque.