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Would you like to host a living room concert?
Posted July 4th, 2010 - 2:03 pm by from Agropoli, Italy (Permalink)

I'm a travelling English CSing troubadour. I've just finished 3 months in America (60 shows) and now I'm going to tour all 50 European countries. It's a huge task!

Would anyone like to host a show? (see schedule below)

My favorite thing to do is house concerts/living room shows, where I can really get to know the people I play for (and with!). These events are so much fun, and so memorable, they are very popular in America. American Airlines did a story on it last December, and CNN is doing a story about it next month. Are you a little bit curious?

If you might like to host a concert, download this easy guide for free: http://www.concertsinyourhome.com/booklet/CIYH_HouseConcertGuidex.pdf
And watch the short video that people use to promote these great events to their friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=try-z4-4h04

Don't worry if your living room is too small. I've had the best shows in the smallest places.

I also like playing at CS meet-ups and CSers make the best audience. The shows are free - I have a donation bucket and sell CDs so I can a train ticket to the next town.

So if this tickles your interest please contact me via email at mrjackstafford@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Jack Stafford

Dates and route (dates are available if no venue next to city)

Date City Country Venue
F 8/20/2010 Copenhagen DK Songwriter Festival
S 8/21/2010 Copenhagen DK
S 8/22/2010 Denmark/Germany
M 8/23/2010 Denmark/Germany
T 8/24/2010 Denmark/Germany
W 8/25/2010 Denmark/Germany
T 8/26/2010 Denmark/Germany
T 8/26/2010 Hamburg DE
F 8/27/2010 Cologne DE Stereowonderland festival
S 8/28/2010 Malmo SE
S 8/29/2010 Gothenburg SE Fernando Duran
M 8/30/2010 Norway NO
T 8/31/2010 Stockholm SE Clarisa
W 9/1/2010 [Boat] FI
T 9/2/2010 Finland FI Booker
F 9/3/2010 Finland FI Booker
S 9/4/2010 Finland FI Booker
S 9/5/2010 Finland FI Booker
M 9/6/2010 Talinn EO
T 9/7/2010 St. Petersburg RU Krista
W 9/8/2010 St. Petersburg RU
T 9/9/2010 Moscow RU Marina Shmatikova
F 9/10/2010 Moscow RU
S 9/11/2010 [Train]
S 9/12/2010 Kiev UR
M 9/13/2010 Kiev UR
T 9/14/2010 Minsk BE
W 9/15/2010 Minsk BE
T 9/16/2010 Vilnius LT
F 9/17/2010 Riga LA
S 9/18/2010 Riga LA
S 9/19/2010 Kaunas LT
M 9/20/2010 Warsaw PL
T 9/21/2010 Warsaw PL
W 9/22/2010 Berlin DE Ä
T 9/23/2010 Kiel DE Prinz Willy
F 9/24/2010 Hamburg DE Reeperbahn festival
S 9/25/2010 Unna DE Spatz and Wal
S 9/26/2010 Germany DE
M 9/27/2010 Germany/Netherlands
T 9/28/2010 Jena DE Fiddler's green
W 9/29/2010 Germany/Netherlands
T 9/30/2010 Amsterdam NL Vijzelstraat concert
F 10/1/2010 Amsterdam NL House concert
S 10/2/2010 Gent BE Fabula Rosa
S 10/3/2010 Belgium BE
M 10/4/2010 Zurich CH Bosch Bar
T 10/5/2010 Zurich CH Kafi fur Dich
W 10/6/2010 Switzerland CH
T 10/7/2010 Geneve CH Les Enfants Terribles
F 10/8/2010 Vaduz
S 10/9/2010 Munich DE Rational Theater
S 10/10/2010 Prague CZ
M 10/11/2010 Krakow PL
T 10/12/2010 Prague CZ
W 10/13/2010 Austria AU
T 10/14/2010 Austria AU Verein08
F 10/15/2010 Austria AU
S 10/16/2010 Wiener neustadt AU
S 10/17/2010 Bratislava AU
M 10/18/2010 Vienna AU
T 10/19/2010 Vienna AU
W 10/20/2010 [Train]
T 10/21/2010 Cesena IT Lego Cafe
F 10/22/2010 Italy IT
S 10/23/2010 Italy IT
S 10/24/2010 Italy IT
M 10/25/2010 Italy IT
T 10/26/2010 Italy IT
W 10/27/2010 Italy IT
T 10/28/2010 Vicenza IT Julien Cafè
F 10/29/2010 Italy IT
S 10/30/2010 Italy IT
S 10/31/2010 Italy IT
M 11/1/2010 Slovenia
T 11/2/2010 Kiev
W 11/3/2010 Kiev
T 11/4/2010 Kiev
F 11/5/2010 Croatia
S 11/6/2010 Croatia
S 11/7/2010 Hungary
M 11/8/2010 Romania
T 11/9/2010 Moldova
W 11/10/2010 Bulgaria
T 11/11/2010 Turkey
F 11/12/2010 Athens
S 11/13/2010 Albania
S 11/14/2010 Macedonia
M 11/15/2010 Kosovo
T 11/16/2010 Serbia
W 11/17/2010 Montenegro
T 11/18/2010 Bosnia
F 11/19/2010 Croatia
S 11/20/2010 Slovenia
S 11/21/2010 Monaco
M 11/22/2010 Barcelona SP "Sala Monasterio"
T 11/23/2010 Spain
W 11/24/2010 Spain
T 11/25/2010 Madrid SP Wurlitzer Ballroom
F 11/26/2010 Valencia SP Venue?
S 11/27/2010 Seville SP House concert
S 11/28/2010 Lisbon SP
M 11/29/2010 Portugal SP
T 11/30/2010 France FR
W 12/1/2010 France FR
T 12/2/2010 France FR
F 12/3/2010 Paris FR House concert
S 12/4/2010 France FR
S 12/5/2010 France FR
M 12/6/2010 France FR
T 12/7/2010 France FR
W 12/8/2010 Switzerland CH
T 12/9/2010 Aarau CH Kiff
F 12/10/2010 Switzerland/Germany CH
S 12/11/2010 Switzerland/Germany CH
S 12/12/2010 Switzerland/Germany CH
M 12/13/2010 Switzerland CH
T 12/14/2010 St. Gallen CH Cult bar
W 12/15/2010 Luxemborg BE
T 12/16/2010 Bonn DE Quiet Man
F 12/17/2010 Rupelmonde BE ‘t Gildenhuis
S 12/18/2010 Almelo NL Paco Plumtrek
S 12/19/2010 Netherlands NL
M 12/20/2010 Netherlands NL
T 12/21/2010 Osnabrück DE Cafe Mojo
W 12/22/2010 Netherlands NL
T 12/23/2010 Haarlem NL Cafe Briljant