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Unrecognized countries
Posted March 10th, 2013 - 2:20 pm by from Caracas, Venezuela (Permalink)
So there is often a debate about the Palestinian Territories and whether CS should recognize it. But, you may or may not have noticed, there's a bigger problem.

With CS's new search format, many countries do not have their own page. For example, if you enter Kuwait into the "Where would you like to go?" box, you get directed to Saudi Arabia. That means, CS chooses not to give Kuwait its own search page. It is deemed not important enough.

Sadly, Kuwait is not the only example of this:

Yemen gets you sent to Djibouti (not even the same continent)
Oman gets you sent to UAE.
Qatar gets sent to Bahrain

and that's just in the Middle East. I also noticed:

Andorra ges sent to France.
Liechtenstein get sent to Austria.
Kosovo gets sent to Macedonia
Georgia gets sent to the US state, not the country. (try to redefine to Tbilisi and it sends you to Russia)
Eritrea get sent to Ethiopia (and the countries don't like each other)
Seychelles gets sent to Somalia (slight difference there)
Brunei gets sent to Malaysia
East Timor gets sent to Indonesia
Chad gets sent to Nigeria
Burundi gets sent to Rwanda
Gabon ges sent to Congo
Benin gets sent to Togo
The Gambia gets sent to Senegal
Liberia gets sent to Mali
Guinea gets sent to Mali
Guyana gets sent to Brazil

I stopped looking after this. This is 20 countries CouchSurfing doesn't think are important enough to have their own page. The UN recognizes 193 countries in the world. This means CS is choosing is ignore well over 10% of them.

I believe this is completely unacceptable. If you agree, let your voice be heard. Send a message to HQ by this link.