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In Canada starting 10th of July
Posted June 15th, 2012 - 6:58 am by from Izvoarele, Romania (Permalink)
Hello everybody!

My name is Andreea and together with my husband, Alexandru, will leave Bucharest, Romania for 6 months to ride with Gunnar, our motorcycle, across
North America from East to West and then all the way South to Central
and South America towards the “end of the world” – Tierra del Fuego.

We will leave Bucharest 10th of July with destination Montreal, pick up our motorcycle that will (hopefully) arrive few days before us with another plane, meet our Romanian friends there and head to Toronto (as 1st stop, of course).... It's a lot to tell about the route.

We have a map with the route we are planning to take: http://micadu.ro/en/about/route/

I consider that not only landscapes make a journey memorable but also the people you meet. Therefore we hope to meet as many of you as possible and although it might seem we are in a hurry to reach South we will have the time to hear stories that we will carry with us along the way, post it on our blog and facebook page (of course :-P ) and take them back to Romania so that everyone cn hear what a wonderful world we have.

We have a tent with us but we would hope to camp it in peole's back yards or gardens not only because we are afraid of bears but also, as we said he want to carry stories with us.

So, this is our story! Wanna tell us yours?


Posted July 7th, 2012 - 1:10 am by from Rock Creek, Canada (Permalink)
Hello Andreea and Alexandru;
I was checking out the map of the route you plan to take.I notice that you bypass southern British Columbia....you are missing a most beautiful area.This is where I live.I am very close to the USA border and live in a rural area on 7 acres.I just hosted my first surfer and I loved it.I hope that more surfers come the less traveled route and see what they are missing.They don't call us Beautiful British Columbia for nothing.If you decide to change your route and check out this area, let me know, we have plenty of room for your tent.If not, happy travels to you..I'm sure you will enjoy the scenery and the people.

Posted July 7th, 2012 - 5:46 pm by from Izvoarele, Romania (Permalink)
Dear Colleen,

We don't have a strict route to follow, we have 7 months to get to Sao Paolo, that's our only commitment. So we will change our route and come visit Beautiful British Columbia. We will let you know few days in advance if that's ok with you. Thank you very much for your invitation.

Enjoy CS experience!

Andreea and Alexandru