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Andrea Cuevas 
MILANO : two PICK NICK'S in the same month!! GREAT
Posted September 12th, 2011 - 9:54 pm by Andrea Cuevas from Besozzo, Italy (Permalink)
Hello everybody! have you seen that there is a pick nick this sunday for the celebration of the 5 anniversary of MIlano group? i was wondering who is attending? to see if it is convenient for us to go, i would like to see as much as families as i can, all together!
I saw also the other event sunday 25 another pick nick ....
suddenly toooo many pick nicks out there!! well is alwas better too many than nothing at all, it is been a long time since the last family reunion.

I will probably go to both, it also depends on the weather...
Anybody coming? attending to both? wich one you prefer, i would like to read some coments ....

Hughs and kisses

Andrea & family