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A Racist Ideology for Linguicide, Explained
Posted March 25th, 2010 - 1:58 am by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)


==(In Spanish)
Spanish Racist Ideology for Linguicide, Explained
For the most Spaniards, even in Spanish Universities, media, Governments, etc. there ara "top" and "bottom" languages. Of course the top language is Spanish and the bottom are Catalan, Basque, Galician, Leonese-Asturian, Aragonese... Those "bottom" languages don't deserve to survive and Spanish State "must control (=repress) them".
Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera, professor of Linguistics from Madrid shows and explains the usual myths of "environmental" Spanish nationalism and the manipulations and prejudices against discriminated "regional" languages under Spanish Administration (Occupation, Colonization).
Very enlightening about so many lies of States' Jacobin and ultranationalist propaganda:
Myths of Spanish linguistic nationalism:
More: http://es.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22JUAN+CARLOS+MORENO+CABRERA%22&fr=yfp-t-501&ei=UTF-8&meta=vl%3D
INTERVIEW: Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera: "Spanish Nationalism is the most exclusive" (=a Linguistic Racism)

== Spanish Linguistic Imposition:

Linguistic Violence in colonised lands against Stateless Speakers (Catalan Case): http://snow.prohosting.com/~weexist/Actualitat/Repressi%F3/Recull_Llengua.html
And some examples else:
*Catalan-speaking (and non-Spanishspeaking) Black denounces Spanish police's robbery: http://cibernautes.com/jaume/dies/20051206/4052/
*Link to a phone conversation of a boy and a racist master of a restaurant, online:
The owner of the restaurant is Caliu, recognizes that this recording was attacking a postman, and also throws insults against the Catalonians: http://www.racocatala.cat/forum/llegir.php?idf=1&fil=76047#2500888
*A doctor is expelled in El Prat because she spoke Catalan: http://www.elperiodico.com/default.asp?idpublicacio_PK=46&idioma=CAS&idnoticia_PK=396112&idseccio_PK=1022
*Documentary "Phoenix Army", by Xevi Mató, a 14 y.o. child is arrested by riot armed forces and tried cos he ask for using Catalan in some supermarkets:
*A postman is about to be killed because he spoke Catalan in Majorca:
*A man is attacked by State official personal at the airport of Palma because he spoke Catalan: http://www.vilaweb.cat/www/noticia?p_idcmp=3626450&p_edi=General
*In Crevillent, Valencialand: http://blogs.e-noticies.com/victor-alexandre/incident_linguistic_a_crevillent.html
*The case of a racist Doctor. "Racism is always so clear. Has enough to be in a position of power, however small, to dump it all their prejudices and all his hatred." http://www.elsingulardigital.cat/cat/notices/2010/01/el_cas_de_la_doctora_racista_47110.php
*So old: the same great Architect Antoni Gaudí, mistreated for speaking Catalan in Barcelona:
*The inhuman face of Colonialism and Racism. We are disenfranchised.
"Four years my son was operated in "La Vall d'Hebron". After more than 10 hours in the operating room he was transferred to ICU. He was 2 years and 10 months and now he is dead. When I went to the ICU with a heavy heart we ask a nurse, Pepa, please wake up than when they were speaking in Catalan: he did not know Castilian... The nurse badly screaming and told us not to mention that what we thought, was the child who was required to know Castilian, that this was a "national" hospital. In that situation, with the child in the ICU in foreign hands and with his threaded life, we decided to do nothing for fear of reprisals. Retaliation against our son. We swallow the rage. But now that the child has died and no can hurt if ever I find the right memory Pepa her face I can tell you what I dared not tell that day. And something else."

And so on...

Posted June 4th, 2010 - 7:08 pm by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)

- Encyclopédie. Définition du patois: "façon vicieuse de parler abandonnée à la populace."
- Inspecteur Général Carré : "Ce sont des Français qu'il faut pour franciser les Bretons ; ils ne se franciseront pas tous seuls. Il y a un intérêt de premier ordre à ce que les Bretons comprennent et parlent la langue nationale. Ils ne seront vraiment Français qu'à cette condition."
- Gambetta au général de Keratry : "Je vous conjure d'oublier que vous êtes Breton!"
- Théodore Botrel : "La République nous appelle, sachons vivre et mourir, un Français doit vivre pour elle, pour elle un Breton doit mourir."
-Francisque Sarcey, homme de bon sens, à qui "on n'en faisait pas accroire", écrivit gravement dans son journal Le Temps (1861-1942) : "Les paysans bretons sont tellement crédules qu'ils croient à une influence de la Lune sur les marées"!
- Daladier à une personne réclamant plus de responsabilité pour la Bretagne lors d'une réunion à Callac : "Je vois citoyen. Vous voulez revenir au temps des gaulois ?"
- De Montalevet, ministre de l'Instruction Publique de Louis-Philippe: "Il faut absolument détruire le langage breton."
- Général Nivelle (après les 1800 morts du 64ème RI au chemin des Dames): "Ce que j'en ai consommé de Bretons!".
- Jules Renard, Journal (23 février 1891) : "George Sand, la vache bretonne de la littérature"
- Fouché, précurseur des nazis, parlant de la Bretagne : "Il ne s'agit pas de faire le triage des bons et des méchants dans ce pays maudit, il n'y a et il ne peut y avoir que des coupables." Ceci ne vous rappelle pas quelque chose inspiré de la religion intégriste : «tuez les tous, Dieu reconnaîtra les siens»

- Général de Marboeuf, militaire spécialisé dans les noms de rue et d'établissements scolaires en Corse : "Pour parvenir à éteindre tout à fait une race aussi exécrable, le premier moyen étant de leur ôter la facilité des retraites que leur offre les maquis, nous avons pris la résolution de les faire brûler dans toute l'étendue de l'île ".

- Taine à Toulouse, Carnet de voyage : "Tout est italien. Nous avons une France qui n'est pas la France. Les rues en pente escarpée, le soir à peine éclairées à la longue distance d'une lumière vacillante sont pareilles à celles de Rome et de Pérouse... Mes collègues me disent que de tout temps le Midi s'est montré moins loyal que le Nord."

Posted June 17th, 2011 - 5:48 pm by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
Spanish Imperialism keep expensive highways only for those Spanish Colonies where Catalans is spoken:
Let's remember that is Spanish State Gvt. which impose payment highways, not homelands or "autonomias".
This is the incredible Spanish Colonialism in its Anticatalan Racism.

Posted July 12th, 2012 - 4:35 pm by from Castellon de la Plana, Spain (Permalink)
The PP Liquidates Catalan
by Josep C. Verges

Catalan donkey and Aragonese donkey or Spanish nationalist bull, doubly an ass. Below: Duran was an usher at the village cinema: "I was always called Pepito in Spanish at home. For breakfast we had bread soup and for tea bread with wine and sugar, these were our grand meals." He explains to Spanish nationalists that poverty made him Aragonese and "not 100% Catalan."

The PP in Aragon has decided to liquidate Catalan. Since they know that this cannot be done with an official tongue recognized by the Constitution, they will introduce legislation that simply sates Catalan does not exist in Aragon, only Eastern Aragonese. Spanish would then be Western Aragonese and by unifying both Aragonese the new official Spanish wil be born. The problem for Spanish nationalists, highlighted by the ignorant provincials of Aragon, is that Spanish does not exist. The Constitution of the State of the Autonomies only recognizes Castilian, along with Catalan, Basque and Galician, but not Spanish. Centralists translate the English Spanish into Español, like the French Canal de la Manche (Sleeve) or English Channel into Canal de la Mancha (Stain). We shall soon see Don Quixot of the Stain! The PP misses Franco and would like to do like the Fascist dictator when he banned the Statute of Catalonia: "The Constitution granted in an evil hour..."

The Aragonese have a problem since the time Spanish nationalists decided to copy the French provinces in the nineteenth century. They detached part of Catalonia to "solve the Catalan problem" by handing the Franja strip to Aragon, as they did two centuries earlier handing the Roussillon to France, which is still trying to digest it. Spaniards make such a song and dance about Gibraltar and not a word is ever said about French Catalonia! The Catalans in Aragon continue to speak Catalan and this is irritating. Aragon does not know what more to do to eliminate Catalans. Some years ago I was invited to give a lecture in Badajoz. Extremadura is so extremely isolated that the best way to travel is by car. I spoke of how governments throw away public money, giving as an example Europe's largest damn that is completely useless. Alqueva, paid with European funds, lies over the border in Portugal so it was fine with the locals, but that didn’t stop me having to listen to the never-ending attacks on Catalans. So far away and still criticized! But they were speaking about their local Catalans (more likely Extremadura immigrants returned from Catalonia) who dominated the quality ham trade. I told my hosts that if they did not spend all day at the bar criticizing Catalans and worked like them they would be the ones to dominate the Iberian pork trade. On top I found ironic that they criticized Catalans in a Catalan-owned hotel, the best in town. On my return trip an international award-winning professor asked if I could take him to Saragossa. It wasn’t a comfortable ride because just as we entered Aragon he began to badmouth Catalans. Once again I thought he was referring to us Catalan whipping boys who pay the taxes on which Spaniards live. What an ungrateful moron, travelling for free with a Catalan and criticizing us! But, as in Extremadura, he was criticizing the Catalans of Aragon. The Aragonese hate the Catalans of the Franja even more than the Catalans in Catalonia. They work too hard and make the Aragonese look lazy in their own region. The solution: Declare by law that Catalans don’t exist. What is shameful is Duran who comes from Alcampell in the Franja. Not a day goes by without his spouts of nonsense in the media, but not a peep from him on the ethnic cleansing of his own people in the Franja. Maybe Eastern Aragonese is fine with him. Spain does not speak Spanish and Aragon does not speak Aragonese, whether Eastern or Western. The Constitution gives Spanish droit du seigneur over the other three official languages. The right to rape is not the right to assassinate. Duran does not have enough courage to defend the Franja, just as Catalan as the rest of Catalans, whatever the lies of the PP and the silences of Duran.

(“L'aragonès oriental del PP,” by Josep C. Vergés, Diari de Girona, 8 July 2012)

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