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Naba Raj Bhattarai
Lets talk about fake profile and bad reference.
Posted September 8th, 2011 - 5:26 pm by Naba Raj Bhattarai from Kathmandu, Nepal (Permalink)
"Nepal" as you know mountain and Himalayan country country where you can not back home doing some of this activities and people start hosting in Nepal by referring travelers and they told about Couch Surfing project.

Some of this Nepal user tell me it is a kinds of website from where you can get clients for tour and trekking.

Since 16 July 2009 i was signup this great project and i have lots of experience with meeting great people from around the world.

Some how now i feel there are many user changing their profile after getting few negative reference.
My question is:

*How many time you change your picture and make fake profile?

*Do local ambassador have some responsibility to take care of make people notice?

*Is negative reference are enough to change their original profile and permitted to make next?
*Expat and foreigners using CS community to raise fund/fun because they are more trust worthy as they are grown in west?

*avoid having tea/coffee with local host and more happy to buy a tomato,onion,garlic,egg and 100 grams rice and how it effect our culture?

I am very much happy to have answer my question and make CS community clean and active.

your suggestion are great help for me to understand better.

Best regards!

Naba Raj Bhattarai
Smoke for peace!!!
Posted January 19th, 2010 - 5:58 am by Naba Raj Bhattarai from Kathmandu, Nepal (Permalink)
(12 Februry 2010) Shivaratri or the Night of Lord Shiva is observed. It is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. A great religious fair tales place in the Pashupatinath Temple and thousands of people from all over Nepal and India flock the temple to worship Lord Shiva.The day you smoke legal,because of Lord shiva's Birth day.

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