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Sziget camp, youth hostel or CS?
Posted June 11th, 2010 - 4:38 pm by from Thessaloniki, Greece (Permalink)
Hey everybody!

Another one just got added in the long list of the Sziget fest (first-time) goers :))

It's nice to see a lot of CSers joining this big fest that in fact myself was ignoring for a loooooong time now.. Just heard about it a month ago!

I'd love to meet as many of you as possible there, talk, walk around, drink a bit :), dance a lot, etc etc..

Now the big question..

Choose one of the following and provide any details, info, reasons, personal thoughts as you want:

Where are you gonna stay?
(1) Sziget Camping
(2) Youth hostel
(3) CS

The question is not posted just to satisfy my curiosity or for the name of statistics but in order to get better organised, informed and for opinion exchange.

Personally, I'm a typical camper in Greece (where I'm coming from), free camping if possible, but I've never camped somewhere more than some meters away from the beach, just listening to the waves etc :)) I guess now it's time to experience river camping, almost decided!!

My only hesitation which I couldn't figure out from the sziget webpage is showering facilities (are they enough or is there always a big queue waiting patiently..), available shade (saw Sveta's and Anton's post but I'm coming on 12th and maybe the shady places will already be occupied) and finally safety of our belongings.

Thanx for reading me, waiting for your opinions!

Posted June 12th, 2010 - 11:04 am by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
Hi there!

We're definitely staying in a tent on Sziget.

There are several showering zones on Sziget (with mobile showers), but usually these aren't enough and there are relatively long queues.
There are also AXE promotional showers: they present you with a pair of swimming boxers and a towel, you take a shower in their open shower (no curtains or walls, but that's why they offer swimming boxers) using AXE shower gel. These are usually without queues.
Some people also choose to find CSers near-by to come and shower (and have a bit of rest from festival) in someone's place.

For all your important belongings there are safety lockers (free, if I remember correctly) in the festival's area. There is also Lost&Found tent.
We never had any of our stuff stolen, but such stories are not unknown, so it's better to be careful (plus there is always a risk of getting too drunk and loosing your passport/cellphone/etc, so it's better to out all the VERY IMPORTANT stuff to the lockers).

Closer to the festival dates you will see a camping space related post, where we will decide upon where to arrange a CS-camping, who is willing to help with space reservation (to come to the island as early as possible and take up as much space as they can), who needs a tent space reserved for them (those late-comers who want to make sure they will have a spot for their tent, when they arrive).

Last year even during the last days of the festival we still saw a lot of nice shady spots in different areas.

Hope that helps :)


Posted June 20th, 2010 - 10:39 pm by from Amsterdam, Netherlands (Permalink)
Camping huh? Not for me, I like being able to escape the frontlines in the war between music and me staying awake - and retreat to a nice shower and real bed!

We're staying at Sziget Hostel for 16 euro pp p/night - http://www.szigethostel.com/ - they're at 800m (10 min walk from Sziget! Arriving august 12 and leaving the 15th.

Posted July 31st, 2010 - 3:31 pm by from Crotone, Italy (Permalink)
hello everyone

I prefer stay whit some couchsurfer, but 1 night i will sleep in the camp, only whit my sleepbag whitout the tent ahahahahaahha help ahahahahaah I will try to find some couchsurfers that host me

By and see you in Sziget

Posted August 3rd, 2010 - 12:51 pm by from Utrecht, Netherlands (Permalink)
When you are only staying 3 nights, you don't even need a shower. It's like normal festivals, you never take a shower there. That is part of the experience.

Posted July 31st, 2010 - 4:01 pm by from Szeged, Hungary (Permalink)
Definately tent. I think one of the best things in Sziget is camping together with random people. Plus you can knock out yourself, you "bed" is only minutes away... My dad used to live in Budapest, but never bothered to go his place to sleep or shower during the festival....
The downside is the long lines for the dirty showers expensive food or the 2 hour trip to buy stuff in the Auchan nearby... But it's not that bad at all... All you need is a little festival spirit...

Posted August 3rd, 2010 - 12:46 pm by from Manchester, England (Permalink)
Last year we stayed i the Szieget Hostel, this year in Pest!