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Spirit Quest Through USA
Posted October 17th, 2012 - 12:00 am by from New Hope, United States (Permalink)
Hey, I am From Pennsylvania, and am embarking on a spirit quest for healing, adventure, meeting people, and general growing. I am trying to meet people throughout the country and thought that maybe this would be a good way. If anyone feels as if they "get my vibe" in regards to my spiritual journey, and knows of good places or wants to get to know me as a kindred soul, that would be awesome.
Also if anyone has personal ties to Actual Americans (Native Americans) I would love to know because I would like to spend time with them. After all, I live in America, I should pay my respect.

Posted October 22nd, 2012 - 12:42 am by from Raleigh, United States (Permalink)
Hey Sal,

I'm intrigued about your quest. Where are you going? Do you have a sketch of a plan, or are you waiting for something to move you? I'd be interested in hearing more, and also how things are going.. A traveling spirit quest is intriguing.. not to overuse that word.

I'm interested because I've been on a spiritual quest (as are many) for a while, and while I've made strides, I never thought to take it on the road.

I don't have any personal contacts to native indians in nc, but if you come down this way, i'm willing to be adventurous.

best to you,

Posted October 23rd, 2012 - 1:42 am by from New Hope, United States (Permalink)
I actually don't have a specific destinations in mind right now. I tend to be a person whom, when I have a "target" I move quickly, so I figured I would try and keep it more general to help me embrace the journey more. I do have contacts out in Denver and in Oregon... And I am pretty sure I would like to stop by arizona, texas, and california as well... so I have a sketch as far as locations but not as far as why necessarily. I definitely don't know about where I will be staying, what I will be doing, or even if I have the finances entirely ^_^;;

I have never traveled in my life prior to now, but have always felt I am meant for something in particular...that is important maybe...idk... but I am taking some-what of a leap of faith and following my intuition, and it is saying travel and adventure.

I definitely think that the time traveling will give me will allow for some more time for me to practice personal disciplines and skills that other wise are easily distracted due to the day-to-day stuff. I look forward to time for more reading and meditation.

However I haven't made the first steps yet and I don't think things will become clearer until I actually start.

Also when you mentioned down this way, I checked your profile and it said you are in DC, which I am actually fairly close to. I am in Edgewood right now working a little.

So how has your spirit quest been going so far?