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Hello, we want to move from Latvia to another country, in North America!
Posted December 24th, 2012 - 10:50 pm by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
Hello, we want to move from Latvia to another country, in North America!
I with my daughter, my daughter in a wheelchair, wanted to know what are the benefits for immigrants there is in North America, for people with disabilities?

Immigrants from Latvia, the European Union!
Can a person in a wheelchair find a job?
If a person has limited capacity!
There is not an expensive house?

Dolphin therapy really need my girl! May be who can suggest who to call? Sites!

If anyone himself can help, with the dolphin therapy, us a need amount of money, us have no where to take them, if anyone can help, please contact me by E mail
i tell you all, I will answer all questions!

Posted December 26th, 2012 - 5:28 pm from Camden, United States
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Posted December 30th, 2012 - 11:06 pm by from Golden, United States (Permalink)

You should post pictures of you and your daughter. It seems that you are trying to use couchsurfing to raise money. However, no one knows if your story is true or if you are simply creating a scam and trying to collect money and have no intention of moving. The purpose of couchsurfing is not to raise money, but to share experiences, share culture, share ones stories and share ones house/apartment with travelers and to be a traveler yourself.

So we are all waiting for you to post pictures so that we can see you and your daughter, so that we know this is a real story and maybe you can get visitors who bring generous gifts.

For you it is best to stay in the EU because medicine is free in the EU, might take a little longer, but it is free. In America our medicine is not included with our taxes and we must pay extra and it would be very costly to move here with your daughter, especially if she has this problem.

Posted December 31st, 2012 - 6:19 am by from Coos Bay, United States (Permalink)
Yes I agree, I work on call as a nurse, but because I work part time and not a regular full time staff, I pay $475 a month for medical insurance, and then have a $5000 deductible I have to pay first before I get to use it. Some people in wheelchairs have jobs, but it depends on their education and training.Many people in the United States, well educated people, are struggling to find work. Some teachers, engineers, and other professionals have been laid off.People here with children with disabilities do get some help if they are low income, but struggle to pay rent and food, etc. It is not enough money to live well, just enough to help them get by.If you are a new immigrant it may be hard to qualify for this kind of help, and hard to get a visa to live here. There are places in Mexico and Florida that probably have swimming with dolphins and I have seen videos of this.I understand it can be a wonderful experience for the child, and uplifting to the spirit, but haven't heard it is a cure. Florida, where this would probably be located in the US, is an expensive place to live, and it probably isn't cheap to arrange to travel and spend time swimming with dolphins. There are places in Hawaii with wild dolphins that come up to swimmers and people in kayaks. I would love to visit there myself, but it is expensive with airfare and places to stay. Renting a house in the US varies greatly in cost depending on where you live. My town, in Oregon, you can get a modest house for $700 a month. The same small house in some of the cities in California, Florida or New York, could cost $2000 a month or more. New York City, it could cost $2000 a month for a small apartment.It is not easy to come here,especially with a child with disabilities and get jobs and a home. Good luck to you.Sorry to be discouraging.People with much determination and talent have come here and made their way, but not easily.

Posted January 10th, 2013 - 12:58 pm by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
Everywhere is difficult in many countries!
But we can not retreat!
Even if it is very difficult,
But there is hope! I can not retreat!
It's my opinion!

Dolphin therapy and physical help, I read a lot about it, because when a person swims muscles become stronger!

Yes, and raise her spirits, are important, for me and my daughter!
We can believe that the dolphin therapy will help us!
Because another she helping!

Posted January 10th, 2013 - 12:08 pm by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
I will post pictures today, then I'll add a photo!
My foto and my daughter's!

I understand that the trust, to me, at you, may no be!
You did nothing about me and my daughter do not know!

I can send you a copy by E mail, any document her disability! And my documents that you need to verify the information!
In an extreme case, in the guests can go come to you, that would you have no doubt!

We have only a free visit to the doctor, and gymnastics once a week free!
The rest is need pay, massage which is needed for an extra charge, a lot of paid procedures!
So, nothing not change!
A life can be easier, just to live on $ 350 a month, two women, very hard!
Pension from her 175 Ls, is $ 350!
In Latvia, very difficult to live!

Posted January 10th, 2013 - 10:22 am by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
Cure to the end and may be and can not, but support in the form that we have reached, it is possible!
Before this time, She just lay in bed, nothing she could not doing!
Now she can stand, take two steps, all for herself at home doing, absolutely independent woman in home!
I see a big change in her physical condition!
And I will not stop!
The fact that the eviction with me, I know!
Everything will be fine! I believe in it!

Posted January 13th, 2013 - 11:09 pm by from Coos Bay, United States (Permalink)
I wish the best for you and your daughter Elena, but if swimming with dophins was a cure for many illnesses, many people would be talking about it and millions of people would be swimming with dolphins. Yes swimming is a good therapy, but healing comes from within, and swimming is possible all over the world. You and your daughter have made great progress by your own strength and will. Keep it up, you do not have to move somewhere else for change and progress to happen. You have the power to create the change whereever you are. Best wishes.

Posted February 1st, 2013 - 7:46 pm by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
Dolphin therapy is not only swimming
in the pool but also ultra sound that has beneficial effects on human health!

Here's an article about dolphin therapy!

Dolphin therapy

The idea that human interaction with dolphins may be beneficial was first formulated in the 1960s by John Lilly, who studied dolphin-human communication and suggested that dolphins could help humans learn to communicate better with one another. Lilly’s ideas were extended into the 1970s when dolphin researchers began examining the effects that interacting with dolphins appeared to have on children with neurological impairments. In fact the understandable love for dolphins does encourage people to want to get close to them. This desire may stem from the belief that close contact with these special animals can provide, at the very least, a release from day-to-day stresses and boredom and, at the other extreme, some sort of miracle cure for physical and mental illness, and disability.

Dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT) has become an increasingly popular. The therapy typically occurs in marine parks and dolphinariums as part of programs that allow people to swim with dolphins. Children and adult receiving DAT go through focused one-on-one sessions of individualized activities with a therapist (e.g., a speech, occupational, or physical therapist depending on the disability child’s and adult) where interactions with dolphins follow a child’s correct cognitive, physical, or social-emotional response. Proponents claim that DAT can effectively improve language, behavior, cognitive processing, attention, motivation to learn, and certain medical conditions.

Nowadays large numbers of these programs operate in countries throughout the world, including Mexico, the United States, Israel, and Russia. Dolphin therapy has become big business, for example in the US based Dolphin Research Center. From 1989, to the end of 1994, more than 500 children and adults from all over the world took part, with almost 5,000 so called therapy sessions. By the end of 1994, the therapy program was so successful that the waiting list for services had reached seven years! A full time program was needed and to meet this extraordinary demand, Dolphin Human Therapy moved to Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, Florida, while hiring a full time staff of seven and working in five days per week programs. The price per person for this kind of therapies in many of the facilities offering them runs at around 5000 $US for ten days not including food and accommodation.

It is no wonder that facilities such as the hotel Los Delfines become engaged in such kind of activities, as they resolve several of their institutions problems:

It is great for repairing their public image by giving them the opportunity to project themselves as institutions with the intention to help other human beings and work for the benefit of the weakest elements of our society, handicapped children.
It appeals positively to people’s emotions by addressing their need for harmony, their hope for a miraculous cure for their ill children or by giving them the good feeling to provide the best possible start for a newborns life. In order to strengthen this positive emotional connection institutions like hotel Los Delfines do promote the idea of dolphins as peaceful, intelligent and supernaturally wise species that enjoy doing good to humans. A romantic idea that fits all too well with our need for contact with nature, when living in the stressful concrete environment of big cities like Lima.
It diverts people’s attention away from the critical points of keeping dolphins in captivity and builds up a strong defense. What better reason one could have to defend animal captivity than the smiling face of a happy child disability?

Then i add about article dolphins and benefits their ultra sound!

And if believe that dolphin therapy can help, We, I and my daughter believed that will help!
It will definitely help, we believe in it!!

Posted January 13th, 2013 - 11:19 pm by from Tijuana, Mexico (Permalink)
Try Canada free health care, and better chance for employment.

Posted February 1st, 2013 - 8:57 pm by from Coos Bay, United States (Permalink)
Thanks for the article on dolphin therapy. I met Dr. Lilly back in the 1970s when I worked for a woman that did a type of physical therapy. John Lilly was one of our clients.He had some health issues of his own then, and never mentioned the dolphin therapy as something helpful.But we didn't talk much about his past research. There is a big difference between "cure" and something that improves function. For example, it has been discovered that people with disabilities such as multiple sclerosis can walk and move better when they play a harp regularly. I spoke to a woman who said she had gotten to the stage in her disease where she had to wear leg braces for walking, and use a wheel chair when very tired. She already played French horn, but it was playing the harp that allowed her to walk better and not need braces. The theory is that the way the harp vibrates against the body when you play, stimuated the nervous system including the motor nerves that help with walking.The overtones in the harp vibrate in the body.Plus, playing the harp stimulates both sides of the brain because you are using both hands differently. If she didn't play harp for a few days, she started to weaken a little.It was a type of exercise that improved function, but had to be done regularly. I would guess that the dolphin therapy works in a similiar manner. The combination of the sonar of the dolphins, the water, swimming, the happiness of connecting with the dolphins, would improve function,raise the immune system, but not be a cure. I would try and find someone who's child has been through the program and how their improvements are six months to a year later. There may not be a lot of long term retaining of the improvements once you are away from the program for a few months.There may be other therapies that also help, but are cheaper to do, and that you can continue to do on your own. Good luck, I can tell you are really focused on this as your only solution. I guess if it is meant to be, you will find a way to do it.But do research to talk to families who have been through the program if you can.Maybe there is a chatroom for parents of the kind of diability your daughter has, and they can share their experiences of what helped and didn't help.Playing a harp may have similiar results. Expensive at first, but you can keep it with you. I went to a retreat with many people with diabilities playing harp. The leader had been born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. Was a musician who took up harp later in life, and noticed how it improves his function, he eventually started an organization called Healing Harps, and groups started all over the US

Posted February 4th, 2013 - 4:29 pm by from Riga, Latvia (Permalink)
Yes, I know that the dolphin therapy does not cure, but will improve the human condition quite strongly, I read reviews of people who have already passed the dolphin therapy, there are very good results!
Dolphin therapy is expensive, and it is difficult to collect the necessary sum, I agree with this!

And Dolphin therapy needed on regular basis, and if it be is held regularly, the results will be very good!
So it's worth it!
We with daughter should try visit dolphin therapy!
This year we will go to two courses dolphin therapy, as us and advised our doctor, look at the results, if they are be very good, we will continue!
If the results will be, but not great, then we'll look for other options!

If first course dolphin therapy slightly improve health!
In the second course my daughter will be even better health, gradual improvement, is the way to good health!
But not very fast, slow way, but rapid and full recovery health, in such cases, as we have, does not happen!
One can only improve, her health!
And once she had learned to stand,
despite on all doubt surrounding people, that with her diagnosis is possible learn to stand!
She did it!
She learned how to stand!
I have decided that I will continue to further improve her health!
Because I see good results!
Game on the harp is also no cure, and only improves health!
And plays the harp does not swing your leg muscles, and body, it is we need it now!
A dolphin therapy provides all that is necessary we, and the ultra sound and the joy and the water, water, swimming is very good swing human muscles!

But moving from Latvia to other countries, we want to not because of the dolphin therapy a need!
Because of the economic situation in Latvia!
We on two people, have here in Latvia receive $ 350 a month, the rent for apartment go more than half sum, the rest the money goes to of the food, we have no money to games on harp and no money on dolphin therapy!
Here in Latvia, I not able to accumulate the required amount of money!
Here in Latvia, the work is not to find out if you are more than 50 years, You will not be hired a job, and people in wheelchairs do not recruit, we want to get out of Latvia, move to another country, not only because of the dolphin therapy, and because of the economic situation in Latvia!
Do not want to ask for help, I want to earn the, itself!

In Latvia do not have such an opportunity!
Conversely every year more and more businesses are closing and more people are out of work!
Many have already left from here, those who do not have children, it is easier not to think about the child, you go and arrange your life!

And when there is a child, more responsibility, we must first know exactly all, about country and as there be, then already go!
In the meantime, I know, I am prepared to move to another country, yet we will move, yet i find work, will take a long time, it will be a very long time!

A dolphin therapy is better to go courses now, while there is an improvement in her health, that support improvements!

If doing take a break, may be worse!
At this point in my life, I have no choice, I have to ask for help!
But I and my daughter believe that it is not in vain that her health is much improved,
and that in a short time we is going to live in another country,and earn as much money as we need!

On the expense of the dolphin therapy i completely agree with you, I think so too!
That the combination of sonar dolphins, water, pool, happiness connection with dolphins, improve body functions, improves the immune system, plus shakes muscle, because when you swim in the water you have to download many muscle groups, and in her diagnosis is also important these four components of dolphin therapy!
Dolphin therapy no doubt to help my daughter!
Me do not need to persuade, in other, i know what Dolphin therapy help my daughter!

Posted February 5th, 2013 - 9:28 pm by from Coos Bay, United States (Permalink)
Here is one editorial on dolphin therapy http://www.skepdic.com/dat.html
Yes this is a site of skeptics, but they looked at the research to try and see if there was any real proof that it worked

Posted February 6th, 2013 - 2:56 am by from Golden, United States (Permalink)
Elena, flying to the US would be very expensive, then attending the program for 10 days is very expensive and what would you do then?

I see that you mentioned that there is a program in Russia. Why not go there? Are there clinics in Latvia? I do not want to discourage you, but as Lynda points out the results are not so positive and the cost is very very expensive, I could imagine that you are looking at $10,000 for airfare, hotel and program and that is for one visit. And I can imagine that this could easily be one year salary in Latvia.

What other options are there? What other possible treatments? Have you considered these?

Posted February 6th, 2013 - 3:00 am by from Golden, United States (Permalink)
I should note that you mention that you want to move to America. What type of visa? Your best route is to find a husband here in America. But that is not so easy. Otherwise collecting money for one visit will not solve the problem. And even if every visit helps, paying $5000 per visit is very very expensive.

Again, because medicine is socialized in Europe you should have a better chance to do so. Plus the purpose of couchsurfing is to meet people and host them, it is not to ask for money for a trip or to find a way to move to a new country. So while your goal might be wonderful for your daughter I do not know if this is the best forum or website to ask people to send you money.

If I were you I would check into moving to the EU. What type of job can you do? What are your skills? For the US you would need to work before getting any type of medical insurance. In Europe, in the right country, you might be able to take advantage of socialized medicine. And I am 100% positive that it would be very difficult to find a medical plan that covers dolphin therapy.