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Ontario to Alberta Travel guide!!!
Posted December 23rd, 2012 - 10:05 pm by from Waterloo, Canada (Permalink)

After searching for approximate costs of a part cross-Canada trip and coming up empty handed I took to the roads anyway and had an adventure. For those looking to travel out west, or going east, here's a small little guide on approximate costs and time it'll take!! Best of luck to all those other travelers, if you have more legs of the Cross Canada trip to add, please do!!!! I took this trip in August 2012. I drove a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. Our speed varied from 90km/h - 150km/hr. We took the Trans-Canada highway route to see as much of this beautiful country as we could! Oh, and this is in military time to save am/pm confusion

Departure from Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario: 0908hrs. Filled up the tank with $55.01 for 43.868L ($1.254/L)

1007hrs - Arrive in Hamilton Ontario to pick up passengers for trip
10:25hrs - Leave Hamilton
14:50hrs - Narin Center stop for gas - $60 for 45.487L ($1.319/L)
15:05hrs - Leave Narin Center
17:35hrs - In Saulte Ste. Marie
20:45hrs - Wawa stop for gas - Only gas station for 150-200km either way!! $63 for 44.680L ($1.41/L) - Most expensive spot for gas! Total distance traveled: 1070.2km
00:50hrs - Arrive in Thunder Bay. Gas $44 for 33.109L ($1.329/L). Distance: 1485km
02:53hrs - Charge phones at gas station, leave Thunder Bay
06:39hrs - KENORA! Last city stop in Ontario! $51 for 39.413L of gas ($1.294/L)
07:20hrs - Welcome to MANITOBA! I'm not sure when the time change occurs, but time goes back 1hr!
09:28hrs - Arrive in Winnipeg! Oil change, Hockey arena and downtown touring! It took 1 full day to get out of Ontario. Left Waterloo at 9am, in Winnipeg at 9am.
11:22hrs - Leaving The Jets! (Hockey team name :P)
14:36hrs - Neepawa, MB
15:40hrs - Birtle, MB: You will probably never see this place. Its in the middle of no-where, but the savior to the trip. We literally almost ran out of gas before getting here, small tip: If you see a gas station when your below 1/4 a tank... FILL UP!!! $63 for 50.84L ($1.18/L) Distance: 2573km
20:35hrs - Saskatoon gas stop! $42 for 33.365L ($1.259/L)
00:41hrs - Llyodminster, SK. $30 for 27.523L ($1.09/L) Distance: 3324km
02:10hrs - EDMONTON Alberta!
03:20hrs - Red Deer, AB - Gas stop/sleep for night in car. $42 for 38.216L ($1.099/L)

END OF TRIP THERE! My destination was Edmonton - I had to go to Red Deer to drop off passengers.

Return trip home! Slightly different because I have to go to Calgary for passenger pickup

13:20hrs - Leaving Edmonton. Total distance traveled so far: 5255.4km (went to Jasper while I was there for the week and a bit)
16:46hrs - Picked up first passenger. Distance: 5587.2km
17:15hrs - Picked up 2nd passenger at Saddle Dome. Distance: 5601km
19:29hrs - In Brooks, AB. $50 in gas. Distance: 5785.4km
22:15hrs - Swift Current gas stop. $33.99. Distance: 6108.2km
03:30hrs - Virden gas stop. $57. Distance: 6628.7km
06:30hrs - Winnipeg! Time change. Gas stop. $30 Distance: 6898.4km
09:05hrs - Kenora! Time change again. Gas stop - $27.01 DIstance: 7131.9km
15:50hrs - Thunder Bay gas stop $50.01. Distance: 7617.9km
19:03hrs - Terrence Bay, stopped for a beer. Distance: 7829.6km
20:50hrs - White River gas stop $40.50. Distance: 7996.4km
23:50hrs - Saulte Ste. Marie gas stop $35. Distance: 8303.7km
04:23hrs - Perry Sound gas stop $45. Distance: 8762.1km
08:15hrs - Arrived home in Waterloo after dropping passengers off in Mississauga and Hamilton. 1/4 tank remaining.

And thats it! It was a long trip, driving was shared between myself and one other passenger so it really limited the number of stops took and got us there in the quickest time.

I hope this helps any other people planning a cross Canada adventure!!!

Posted January 4th, 2013 - 3:13 am from Windsor, Canada
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