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Hi all members of this group, I am the new moderator
Posted February 11th, 2007 - 9:35 pm by Tull from Vestby, Norway (Permalink)
Avinash asked me to be the moderator if this group, and I accepted because I love small villages in Europe. I am European, has travelle a lot here and find my own continent more and more amazing as I get older.

I am old enough to remember when London was black, when Rome was a "million city" (now it has 4 million inhabitants), and I have driven on a mobilette down an empty Champs Elysee in the middle of the night. I used to love big cities when I was young, the bustle and life and the differencness from the small town I grew up in.

But as I have got older, the big towns have got more and more crowded, to the point where I feel claustrophobic some times. Another aspect is that all the tourists some times almost ruin the big and popular cities. Not that I mean that young people should not get to see Rome and Paris and London any more, these cities are practially "must sees", but there are other places which can give you the feeling of a certain country almost better than the big cities these days. Besides, small towns often need tourists, and welcome you more than the people who get so many tourists that they long for a day off with only fellow countrymen.

Through the years I have found some "strawberry places", as we call them in Scandinavia. It refers to places in the forest we find wild strawberries and never tell anybody for fear that they might go and eat our strawberries. But unlike the real strawberry places I know (and mushroom places) that I still will not tell anybody about, I will tell you about some of my favourite places in Europe. I will try to find surfers from the places if possible and may be have them also tell a bit about they're place seen from the side of the people living there. And if anybody else have been to any of my strawberry places, I hope you will give comments and may be corrections to what I might write.

You are of course still welcome to post your own favourite small town here also. And small is relative. A small town in one country can be a city in another, depending of the population density.

Clemens Maria Schreiner 
Travelling France via small villages in August - got couch?
Posted May 12th, 2007 - 9:36 pm by Clemens Maria Schreiner from Vienna, Austria (Permalink)
Hi everybody!
I will travel France in August, together with my girlfriend. We will spend 3 - 4 weeks there and we would like to "live" rather than "see" France. So we would like to come to many small towns or villages in order to really live la vie francaise. If you, by any chance, live in France and could host us for a night or two in august, then please email me back.

PS: Anybody needing accomodation in a village near Graz / Austria: my couch is your couch!