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Looking for chicken farmers
Posted November 26th, 2012 - 8:57 pm by from New York, United States (Permalink)

I am working for a Japanese TV station, currently working on a story about chicken farmers in Canada. (this might be not the place to ask, but I am very desperate.)I am looking for a chicken farmer who does innovative things in order to survive global competition. Does anyone know anything on this topic? If so, please message me.


Posted December 3rd, 2012 - 1:48 am by from Bracebridge, Canada (Permalink)

This isn't quite the business story you are looking for but you may find it interesting...

One really interesting thing you may want to look into is urban "backyard chickens." There is an increasing trend toward people raising small numbers of chickens in urban settings in Canada and the US, to provide their families with eggs. Since our farms are overwhelmingly factory farms, this is an example of people turning away from farms altogether and finding their own way to get better food.

I used to raise chickens illegally in downtown Toronto. The eggs are richer in texture, lower in cholesterol, and taste much better. I believe Toronto was considering a pilot program licensing some people to keep chickens legally but as far as I know the new law has not passed. Vancouver has also had some bylaw changes related to urban chickens. I can send you a law school paper on this topic I wrote about 3 years ago. It may be dated now but you might find it helpful. If you google "Toronto Chickens" you will find a bunch of newspaper articles from the past 5 years on this issue. I was interviewed for a couple of them (anonymously).

The other issue you could focus on is small farms raising chickens, and the "100 mile diet" / local food trend. People are making efforts to reach out to small local farmers for their food. Farmers are grouping together with web sites and other media to guide local consumers in directly accessing local area farm foods and farmers markets. People are looking for free-range chickens that graze naturally on grass instead of eating just grain, and of course no cages.

There are also specialty fowl farms that raise chickens for food uses as well as pets and fancy show chickens, and to try to keep rare breeds going so they do not become extinct. Example: http://www.performancepoultry.com/ in Prince Edward County, Ontario. It's a different type of business altogether.

Message me if you want more information.