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A memory of Alex Supertramp
Posted October 23rd, 2012 - 8:31 pm by from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (Permalink)

Hi Chris,

couple of days ago its been 20 years since you had seen sunlight for the last time. Thanks to interesting book and well-made movie we got to know your story. For many of us who are walking on the same path as you did, back to nature, it was interesting to see that many people, trapped in the comfortable hug of civilization, thanks to your story, got the point of finding the places where we all always belonged and are still connected to by strong links. Some of them even started to go this way. This also showed us that we are going in the right direction despite the fact that we are mostly going against the current.
Only you knew what hell made you to go so far and burn all the bridges behind you to find peace at the last and highest authority of all, in the welcoming arms of unspoiled nature. I am sure you found it. And you understood, too, that even mother nature is offering us amazing adventures, deepest feelings and endless liberty for soul, we also belong to the world we created. Apart from shopaholics and shopologists, money making machines, career ladder climbers, wannabe leaders and been everywhere - know everything narcissus there are people who have been creating art, which, in whatever form, makes us go high, created ideas, which made our lives and world better, and made us more human to each other. Those, who deprived themselves of time, energy, comfort and illusions to help others. And those who have been looking for the way back home, to nature, as you did. Almost lost in the sea of those, who are so enchanted by comfort of civilization and its easy to get pleasures that they feel separated, in a way, from the world they came from. And think they do not need any more. We know how wrong they are.
It´s a pity you burned the last bridge leading back by not taking the map and not knowing the places, you were living in, good enough. Otherwise you would have discovered the cableway couple of miles away from your camp. Mother nature is a severe teacher... You would be now among us, even if we would not know your story then. And the world, both of nature and people, is full of amazing beauty, as Mr. Byron said. There is too much to discover in such a short time, with your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.
I wish you were here, mate, wish you were here...


the road is waiting