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West Coast Swing soiree on Friday July 24th
Posted July 22nd, 2010 - 4:56 pm by from Brisbane, Australia (Permalink)
Hi everyone!

I'm a West Coast Swing dancing fan, and I finally found out where there is some WCS dancing to be had in Paris on this weekend, its on Friday night...

I realise this kind of clashes with the RDV Welcome Picnic, but I'm posting the details here anyway in case anyone wants to check it out!


Every Friday from 19h to 22:30 July 9 to August 27

Place de la Garenne,
Rue du Moulin des Lapins.
75014 PARIS
Mrs Line 13 - stop "Pernety"
Bus: 28, 58

The event begins outdoors on the square in front of the coffee association, and will continue into the evening in a nearby room in order not to annoy the locals with too much noise.

All those wishing to explore the west coast swing, practice, share it with newcomers (members, we are counting on you! This occasion, badges will be issued to persons wishing to be identified as "sponsors wcs)
Beginners and experienced dancers are welcome!

An introduction will be offered free from 19h.
It is of course open to anyone wishing to explore the foundations of west coast swing.

This introduction is followed by a free practice dance.
In case of inclement weather, the workshop will be held directly in the adjoining room (same address).

Posted July 23rd, 2010 - 9:59 am by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)

I would love to join but arrive Saturday and leave on the 30th, which is Friday! :o(

If you hear of another event during the week, let me know.. I would definitely be in!


Posted July 23rd, 2010 - 10:42 am by from Brisbane, Australia (Permalink)
Hi Crystal!

Firstly, yay for seeing a Couchsurfer who's a swing dance fan :)

Secondly, there *is* another dance night on the Saturday but its a bit of a mix (Salsa, Rock, WCS), I'll paste the details here (Google translated):


21h - 22h: Salsa Salsa beginner + porto porto via intermediate + + Rock West Coast through
22h - 23h: Cuban Salsa Cuban Salsa Beginner + Intermediate + confirmed + Cuban Salsa West Coast Swing Beginner

23h - 3h00 Salsa Room (Club Room)
23h - 3h00 : Salle ROCK 90 % / SALON 10 % (salle Boulevard)
23h - 3h00 : Salle WEST COAST SWING (salle Nouba)

Relaxation room (for rest, to discuss, to nibble)
Salle Fumeur close et ventilée
Open bar, buffet.

One price: 12 € (evening classes + + bar & buffet). No settlement CB.
Map of 10 entries: 99 € (card not registered, permanent validity)
Dressing: 2 € (per person)
Large screen video in all rooms.
Relaxation room.
Smoking Room.
Large lighted parking free.

Location: Moving Thiais, 2 allée des Alouettes - Thiais


My concern is that it looks a bit far, outside the Paris arrondissements - I think multiple RER and buses connections are required to even get there?!

I'm undecided whether to go, I have a friend who is going to this, she *might* give me a lift... PM me if you're interested to go to this!

Anyway, if you're here til the 30th, here's where I found a listing of all French WCS dance events happening per week:

www.wcsinfo.fr - click on Calendar

Assuming you're not going to faraway places like Nantes (Sat 24th night soiree) or Clermont-Ferrand (Vulcano Dance Camp), then there's not much else apart from Monday 26th night and Friday 30th night. Both feature what looks to be a beginners/intermediate WCS block course and a 1.5 hr practise session in 9th arrondissement.

Lastly, it would be great to meet you during the weekend, I'd love to ask you about Vancouver - I'm planning on going there before next April!! :-)


Posted July 23rd, 2010 - 12:15 pm by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)
Hey Jonathon,

I would LOVE to go but I am CSing that night and want to respect my host with what time I come home.. otherwise I'd be for Saturday for sure. Who knows, maybe Thomas wants to swing dance, too.. I'll ask him!

Maybe we should try for the Monday night one.. I have no idea about whereabouts so let me know what you think. Maybe we can meet up earlier on Monday and go together!

Gotta run!
Crystal :o)

Posted July 23rd, 2010 - 11:57 pm by from Brisbane, Australia (Permalink)
Im already flying back go Scotland on Sunday night so I cant meet join you for Mon night dancing

I totally agree with your sentiments about Sat night, I also dont want to inconvenience my host given the late finish time

Ill PM you my mobile number; even if we dont go dancing on Sat itll be very cool to just meetup during the CS weekend events :)

Posted July 25th, 2010 - 2:47 pm by from Paris, France (Permalink)
hi !!

thks jonathan for the WCS tip, are u planning to go there every friday ? I am very interested but can't go before 6th august ..

do you often go to Thiais moving ? great dancing place !!

see you !!