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Tim Smith
Help improve the CS community in Connecticut! Need ideas and help!
Posted July 22nd, 2012 - 8:35 pm by Tim Smith from New Haven, United States (Permalink)
Hey hey.

So a little background information on me and what I'm trying to do... you can skip this part if you like :-)

I joined CouchSurfing in April 2009 a month before my first cross country road trip. Went to my first meetup in New Haven that same month. Had a great time playing Jumble and drinking Sea Hag IPA with ten other couchsurfers.

Over the next couple years...lived in a CouchSurfing house in Portland, Oregon for a month...made a few more road trips from coast to coast while always staying with CouchSurfers...went to a few "couch crashes" in Cincy, Philly, Detroit, etc. and had a fabulous time...met amazing people and established some great connections...

Last month I moved back from living in San Francisco for the past eight months. Was part of a stupendous, highly active, helpful, and organized (well somewhat haha, it's a big place!) CouchSurfing community. We had weekly meetups that averaged 75 people from around the world. The boards were constantly revolving with people wanting to do stuff and organizing things. There was information for people to use like transit options, cheap places to eat, and must sees. Basically it was awesome!

Now I'm back in Connecticut and might be for a while until I can save up to do some traveling again. While I'm here I want my life to still involve plenty of CouchSurfing!


Soooooooooooooooo...here's what I want to do!

I want to get us more active and organized. I know this isn't NYC, or San Francisco, or another city with a massive of CouchSurfers. But Connecticut is a highly dense state, is super close to places like NYC and Boston, and has Yale which brings many people from around the world into the state. There are always travelers going from Boston to NYC or the other way around but not many of them stop in Connecticut. We got a beautiful state here with cool things to do wherever you are in it. Here are some the things that I would like to do and need help doing:

-----1. Keeping us together as the state of Connecticut and not New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford county, etc. Currently we have the one main Connecticut group and two subgroups that are actually used: Fairfield and New Haven. Right now...the New Haven CT group is not even accessible THROUGH the Connecticut group!!! Someone made a subgroup in between the two and that one was deleted. I'm currently speaking with CouchSurfing to fix this. I think we would do just fine with one main Connecticut group. If we are ridiculously active and day old posts would be pushed to page 2 because of it I would say we need subgroups. But since things are pretty slow on the boards here and the state is so small, I would really like if people posted in the Connecticut group. It's not up to me to lock the Fairfield group but I would really appreciate if people posted their information in that group and the Connecticut group as well so people coming through the state don't have to join two groups!

-----2. I need information from you guys! If you look at other city's boards there is a load of information about things to do, transit information, useful websites, and even places to stay if you can't find a host. I'll gather all this information and then make the Connecticut group pretty with all the information. I could organize it by counties, and things like local festivals by dates. I know I could google all of this but I would really like your help. I've only lived in New Haven and Fairfield county so don't know anything about Litchfield or even Hartford county.

----3. GET ACTIVE! A couple months ago when I was still in California I saw that there was a monthly meetup being organized in New Haven. I was like, awesome! But then it stopped and I was like, damn! I'm going to try get it going again but that's one day out of the week haha. If you want to check out a museum or a new restaurant, or just go hang out in the park, throw it out there! Make an activity about it and see if you can get some people to join. I moved to San Francisco without knowing a soul. It was awesome to see random events and go join them. It really helped me out! Also, not only make an activity about it but also post in the group. I saw this because the activity function on CouchSurfing still gives people some trouble while trying to find them.

Haha sorry for writing so much but I think that's a good start for what I want to accomplish.

So what do you think?