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365 days, 365 uniques via yr lens
Posted June 6th, 2012 - 4:01 pm by from Lodz, Poland (Permalink)
Hello folks:

Allow me introduce a new project which was kicked off on 1st/June. More than 300 paticipants post our daily photos and headlines of daily newspapers from different country, different moment and different view. The common concern links us very close in Couchsurfing than ever before. We wish more Csers join us and play together. Now let the founder, a german guy Mr. Det(MADMONCH) tell you in details:
(quote) it´s great to have you all on board and to find so many enthusiastic people who like the idea. I posted the idea in several biger groups I am in and there are even more people who will do the project too.

Five years ago I did my personal 365 days project: For one year I took (or selected if I took several) one photo each day and added the front page headline of a German newspaper as a title. It was a great project for reasons I describe below. On June 1. this project will start again. But this time together with people in other countries and continents.

My reason to start the 365 days project originally was simply to get a visual reminder of all the things that happened or seemed worth taking a picture of during one year. Because usually we feal a year rushing bye, hardly remembering how full of remarkable things our life was during.

Doing this project together with other people changes impact and dimension of the project: while it allows us to take a look at the personal world through the eyes of different people with different cultures, traditions and environmental conditions we get the chance to take a look at mankind as a whole. Not because we will see every possible aspect in these life-stories but because we will see how much these lifes have in common despite the cultural and personal differences.

The success of social networks like couchsurfing or facebook showed us something, most of us had never been aware of before: we are curious and feal connected to other people in the world - regardless of nationalities, gender, age or education – because there is more that connects us than separates us. Not the impression one might get by watching the news or reading the newspaper headlines.

Photos taken by a mobile phone are as welcome as with any other camera. And which daily newspaper one choses is up to every ones choice (if there are several participants of the same country, they should make sure that every one choses a different news paper).

the official 365 project side is: http://365international.tumblr.com/

uploads will be done here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/365international

our posts will be shared on http://www.facebook.com/365international

It really inspires me to look at around of me getting new every day.
And you?
Check it out!