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PERU: Robbers in buses
Posted July 3rd, 2010 - 5:15 pm by from Lima, Peru (Permalink)
Some safety problems with cheap BUS companies, that we can FIX on our own:
They stop in towns and passengers get off and in. some robbers take advantage of this to pick asleep passenger's things.
Solution: tie your little back pack (which they KNOW contains your MOST valuable things!) to you with a thin cord (a pair of cheap key-holder carabiners are practical). I usually hang my big fanny pack from the curtain cord at the window.
take care of your jackets, they might fall to the floor and disappear, tie them also to your body with a cord.

a friend put her little back pack between her feet, on the floor. Somebody sat on the seat behind her, crawled under her seat, CUT the backpack and took her digital camera! smart, huh?
more on this later... contribute with tricks and DIY solutions please!

Posted July 9th, 2010 - 6:16 am by from Chapel Hill, United States (Permalink)
A specific side note on this subject: last October the buses between Quito and Mindo were frequently being hijacked and passengers robbed of everything. In fact the day that I went there I left in the afternoon and later learned one of the morning buses had been robbed, the bus co. explained that they were now adding security to that route. A B&B owner in Mindo was complaining that it was happening so often it was hurting her business... Things may have improved, but it's something to look out for and maybe choose a bus co. that provides security en route if possible.
Another side note: if anyone on a bus tells you need to place your things in the shelf above your head rather than between your legs - they're full of caca. One of my friends was naively robbed in Ecuador this way.
My tips for bus travel in S.A. - ALWAYS keep passport and at least some money or a CC ON YOUR BODY. I always wore cargo pants with zippers or velcro for this. Also, when traveling with anything expensive such as a laptop, or nice camera - put that small bag on your lap or if you put it on the ground put your leg through one of the straps. And then BREATH and enjoy the ride!! I so miss them now!

Posted July 9th, 2010 - 5:45 pm by from Lima, Peru (Permalink)
Luckily I insisted on saving our pictures before you left!
...and yes, keep your things attached to your body as a habit, without having to think of robbers, a compulsive, spontaneous habit!