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about friends and references....and vouching
Posted January 2nd, 2007 - 8:02 am from Pune, India
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Posted January 2nd, 2007 - 1:23 pm by from London, England (Permalink)
Can we keep the discussions in one forum rather than fragmenting it? I love your opinions, and they make a lot of sense, it's just so that we can all keep track of where this discussion (this is similar to that in "Security vs Popularity" and "References" threads).

Anyway, read my full response in "Security vs Popularity", but in essence I proposed that we need more clarity in what the ratings are (inspired by your writings in fact).

Currently we basically have a 5 point scale:
1 - Extremely Positive
2 - Positive
3 - Neutral
4 - Negative
5 - Extremely Negative

I would propose (and please counter propose until we reach some sort of a consensus):
1 - This person has become a good friend due to the experience, and we will stay in close contact from now on.
2 - We had a good time, and I would meet again if our paths happen to cross.
3 - Pleasant enough, but not my kind of person (it happens)
4 - This person did not behave as a guest/surfer should and I had to terminate the relationship early/prematurely.
5 - This person is a serious danger to other couchsurfers and should be avoided at all costs.

Answer in the other thread please, but hope you like the suggestion.

Posted January 7th, 2007 - 1:36 am by from Calgary, Canada (Permalink)
I guess the possibility is that, perhaps mistakenly, the "surfed with" or "hosted" addition didn't actually happen and thus the "met in person" connection would not be accurate. I have a friend who added a person as a friend and he returned much more favourable a link including meeting, hosting, surfing, and a "extremely postive" reference. He did this all in Spanish--before translations were back online--and did not realise what all that stuff was all about.

For me, this just rekindles that rediculous revamping of the references. Personally, I only leave "neutral" ones and hope that this inspires people to read all of them and not just do a running tally of positive versus negative. I also hope that my mutual references don't feel disparaged when they leave me a more favourable one in return. I'm actually getting tired of explaining this to CS friends and it's so messy all over the place with "best friends" and "extremely positive" refs and "vouching" that just seems to parrot all of the above.

I hope I didn't miss the point of your post; I guess I have something bothering me, too.

Note to self: FOCUS, man!