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Greetings New and Old Members!!!
Posted October 10th, 2007 - 3:41 pm by Ginya from Belen, United States (Permalink)
Hello Everyone!!! :)

I've just moved back to Oklahoma from the Land of Enchantment. I'm currently living in Altus, Oklahoma. Sadly, there aren't many surfers in the Altus area, but I'm happy to have brought with me a great spark of the CS spirit, and with it, I plan to help BOOST the participation of surfers across Oklahoma, not just in my local area. To do this, I would like to help organize some CS meets. I know there have been a couple of OK meets already, and I'm excited to know that there are those of you interested in making our state a CS community.

I do have a couple of ideas for a state-wide meet, but I would like to have some feed-back from each and every one of you, my CS Okie pals.

How do you feel about a camping trip before it gets too cold? Quartz Mountain State Park is a lovely place for camping. They have hiking, golfing, paddle boats, kayaks, go-karts, water-slides, a lake (of course) for swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing... and my personal favorite, HORSEBACK RIDING! I think they even do hayrides out there.

I was also thinking about having a picnic out at the wildlife refuge. I LOVE that place. The buffalo, the view from the top of Mt. Scott, Medicine Park with their neat little shops and the lovely river running through it.

Let me know what you think!!! I'd like to get this in the works as soon as possible, so also let me know if you'd be interested in attending. It would be nice to have a headcount before trying to set a time and place in stone.

Thanks all! And happy surfing!! :)

Virginia (Ginya)

Let's talk New Orleans.
Posted October 11th, 2007 - 4:29 am by Ginya from Belen, United States (Permalink)
Listen, folks... we (myself and state ambassadors all the way from Texas and Oklahoma to Delaware, down to Florida, and alllll the states in between) are trying to organize a regional meet... IN NEW ORLEANS!

This meet will serve two purposes, of course. We will all be gathering to hang out, meet fellow CSers in our region, and have an EXCELLENT time doing so. At the same time, we would like to offer a helping hand to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our New Orleans group is working on arranging a means for volunteer work. They just need to know how many people to expect from other states attending.

I would LOOOOVE to see Oklahoma REPRA-ZENT! We may not have the numbers that a place like.. say... TEXAS has... ;) ;) BUT! I'm sure we can match any other state in heart and helping hands.

All of this being said, I would like you to visit my previous post "Greetings new and old members." From there, I have made some suggestions and gotten some feedback about a statewide meet that I'd like to see come together. At this meet, I would like to join forces with those serious about helping out in New Orleans. I'd like to get some fundraising events put together, perhaps to help with traveling expenses to/from New Orleans, but also to contribute to the large POOL of money that other states are sending to the cause.

I've got bigggg ideas for this, folks and folkettes. For instance, I'd like to see a website put together for our CSOklahoma Volunteer work, and call upon some of our CS Photographers to provide images for it. I'd like to get a paypal account going. We'll also need to arrange for travel to NOLA, whether it's by train, plane, automobile... OR BIG HIPPY VAN! Who has a van, seriously? I'd soooo be down for that.

I degress. I need help, people. And I need SERIOUS volunteers. So if you're interested, please go check out my other post about a statewide meet, so we can get together, work out some details, and as always... have a jolly good time doing so. :)

If you've been waiting for a big CS event in your area, this is it! Help me get it together, Okies!!!

Start local, go global. :)