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Are you a "trainer"? (Or do you know any?)
Posted June 20th, 2012 - 6:12 am by from Krakow, Poland (Permalink)
Hi Everyone!

I am currently doing some research for an organisation that creates training tools / exercises, most of which are created by people who have physical disabilities and some with Down syndrome

What I am looking for is quite specific but thought I would try my luck on CS in addition to trawling though search engines looking for things because A) it’s good for the world and B) I love helping CS'ers myself

***Basically, I want to talk to people who work in the training field In America/Australia/New Zealand***

- the more contact details I get - the better, because some people in the world simply don’t have time for me :) so I am working on the numbers game!

Specifically people who train others, could be training of almost anykind including --

At outdoor centres (outward bound kind of thing)
Can be training anyone from CEO's to the little ones.


People who train others with soft skills - e.g. leadership training, team development, coaching skills training, sales training, intercultural awareness, organisational change.

So.. If you are a trainer, or you can send me the contact info for a trainer that you know it would be EXTREMELY helpful and much more productive than cold Google research!

Be it a freelance trainer, a small company, or someone who trains from within a corporation.

Contact via message is preferable to the forum as it will prevent me from missing your message as my inbox is flooded with CS notifications about this that and the other :)

Any other help - e.g. if you know of a good forum for finding these folks would also be much appreciated!

If they work in these fields they will hopefully be rather interested in talking to me anyway... if only I can find them!

Thanks very much in advance.

Paul from very sunny Krakow, Poland.

Please do come! :)