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Japan trip, september '09
Posted July 17th, 2009 - 4:00 am by from Frederick, United States (Permalink)
Hello everybody, I'm new-ish to couchsurfing, and travel in general. I've been dying to go somewhere, and Japan's been a long time interest to me. So...here I am, planning a two-week trip (my first time out of the states) to japan, in September. This has just been kind of a last minute impulse, and I've been doing online research like crazy, but not really making much process. I was just curious if anyone could lend me some advice/tips? Thanks, in advance to all who do!
Here's a list of some of the things I'm interested in doing/seeing during my stay (any practical advice on how to save money, travel, where to stay etc. would be much appreciated!)
...My desired plans....(Though not necessarily in this order- I want to plan this trip so I don't waste time, or backtrack unnecessarily)

.Roam about the town, explore, check out the sights and take pictures (I love photography), possibly check out the view from a skyscraper or some such building.
. Ghibli Museum .Sumo show @ Sumida-Ku .Fish market .Bay area?
. Mt. Fuji (good view...Mt. Tenjo) + ice caves .Possibly-just for kicks, Fuji-Q coaster? . Palette Town Ferris Wheel .Imperial Palace .Kabuki show (If not available in Kyoto) .Shinjuku Goyen? Yoyogi park!

.Kabuki show. Teahouse/ Tea ceremony .Nijo Castle? Imperial Palace? Euno, Gardens? Village Officials? .Kokodera

.Aquarium .Sky Building ...? other stuff

.Edo Wonderland? (Sounded like a cool concept, anybody tried it?)
.Visit shrines + temples .waterfalls .lake .avenue

I'm open to other ideas as well! Perhaps I'm trying to cram too much into one trip?I dunno.
I was planning on staying mostly in hostels (The least expensive I've seen is $30/day), but if anyone would entertain a wandering fellow for a night or two, I don't think I could complain. I can draw a picture for you, possibly cook or bake, take a portrait?
I know very basic Japanese right now; I'm learning from Pimsluer's CD's.
Obviously, I'd like to spend the most time in Tokyo, but I want to spend sufficient time in the country areas as well.
A couple big things on my list are sleeping in a Ryokan (at least one night), and enjoy an Onsen/hot spring, visiting a bit of old-school 'fuedal' Japan, visiting waterfall(s), lake(s), etc. + shopping for oddities that are peculiar to Japan.
If anyone's free during the time of my visit, I'd love to meet some of you + if you feel up to it, accompany/guide me on my first international expedition! I enjoy drawing, taking photos, cooking, baking, listening to music, + more, and I'd love to be able to use my gifts for people! So, if there are any ideas about that, please...
Sorry if I don't seem too sure about myself...but I'm not. First time and all...Well, I thank you for any advice you might be able to provide!

Posted July 17th, 2009 - 4:02 am by from Frederick, United States (Permalink)
P.S. Sorry I made that so lengthy, I'm just trying to cover the bases. :T