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Beware of this individual
Posted April 19th, 2012 - 8:41 am by from Flower Mound, United States (Permalink)

Hi All,

I got this from the Kansas CS group. It seems there's a guy from Europe who is in Asia right now who is very bad news. See the note below.


Hi all,

I just got this feed from my St. Louis crew--although this guy is in Asia and Europe right now, we don't know his future trip plans, so it's good that everyone keep an eye out and refuse to host him. He has sexually assaulted a girl in Kyoto, and keeps creating new CS profiles. Read below from a fellow CSer Syed Sirajuddin:

(all apologies if this is a repeat, but I don't think anybody has posted this here)

A guy presenting himself as Cristiano De Angelis (photo here http://www.professorangelis.org/index.php), an Italian-Portuguese "Professor of economics", has been travelling through SE Asia for the past few months, hitting Japan 2 weeks ago and currently travelling between Singapore and Malaysia (according to his own travel route):


For the (some) of the back story, please read this thread:

To make an appallingly long story short Cristiano De Angelis has:

- sexually assaulted his host here in Kyoto (a young girl, loved and trusted by the local community, who had selflessly hosted dozens of CS travellers before).

- behaved like a trained gorilla, using and abusing the hospitality of his host in Tokyo (after deleting his old profile and creating a new one, of course).

- brought back some random girl to have sex at his host's place, helped himself to food and champagne while the host was away.

- made various lunatic claims, such as accusing the very girl he raped of stealing his train ticket...

... and this is probably only the tip of the iceberg, considering he spent over 2 months in other Asian countries before coming to Japan (there are unverified reports of a CSer in Bali, whose behaviour sounds a lot like this guy).

The guy is a sociopath and a danger to women.

Considering the trail of information (including his full name and personal website) he has left behind him, he seems to have some delusions of impunity, probably assuming that nothing can happen to him as long as he keeps moving and re-creating CS profiles...

... and the sad truth is, until now, he has been right: in every city he has visited, he has been able to abuse the trust and generosity of unsuspecting CSers.

Which is why I am posting this, in the hope that it spreads fast enough (faster than him) and can reach anybody who might have agreed to host him or meet him. Please relay the message amongst your friends and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or if you have any information about him.

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