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Need your help for making my year funnier
Posted July 15th, 2012 - 4:49 pm by from Base Alfred Faure, French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Permalink)
In a few months I will participate in a scientific program, in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, on the islands of Crozet (the Possession island) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crozet_Islands). This island is one of the biggest natural ornithologic reserve on the planet. There is no human activity except some crazy nice scientists undertaking research about pengouins and fauna.

Over the course of one year I'll be in charge of all the electronical systems of the scientific base. I'll be also responsable for some of the measurements observing the Earth's seismological activity and the absolute magnetic field.

Even if I am passionate about my work and that I deeply believe I'm gonna have one of the most interesting years of my life. I know that sometimes I will miss civilization. There, the post-man only comes 4 times per year, so I won't be relying on him to bring me many suprises every week.

As my stuff has to be sent before the end of August/ beginning of September to arrive there in December, I am currently packing and preparing some stuff such as : soap for a year, shower gel, some good food for when I will feel a bit peckish, alcool for the good mood...

So that's where I need you !

Before I finish packing my stuff, I would like you to send me traditional food/beverages from your country. Beeing stuck on an island for a year, I won't have the possibility to go in a Chinese restaurant, to have a Turkish breakfast, to enjoy a nice English tea or to go in Portugal to buy pate de sardinha :-P

In exchange give me your adress and I'll send you a postcard/picture from there ^^

As I can only take 120Kg with me do not send me big stuff (ex : beverage max 0.250mL, small pack of biscuit or pate etc). Don't send me anything that can melt (unfortunetely no chocolate...) because the boat crosses the equteur (too hottttt). Same thing for the containers, choose something which is light (no glass...).

And if you have the time, please try to write a description of the product, how do you like it, when do you eat it, how is it national product etc. Just for the fun ! You'll be my wikipedia ;)

Be sure that the product won't be out of date before January 2014 (the date of my comeback in the continent)

I do believe that my request sounds funny but it is one of the thousand ideas I found for having more fun on an island of 150Km² for a year.

Where to send me food and beverages :


c/o Mme HINET
53 quai de la prevalaye
35000 Rennes - FRANCE