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"Message from CS Admin" en Europa también "En Español"
Posted October 8th, 2012 - 9:08 pm by from Madrid, Spain (Permalink)
Moderators are receiving this email :

"You may already be aware that we’re working on a major site upgrade. I’ve posted some information about it here,
here, and here.




As group members, it’s very important to us that we keep you in the loop about
how upcoming changes are going to affect you and your communities. And we also
need to hear your voices as we go through this process, to help guide us in the
right directions. So please expect to

receive a few emails from me over the next few weeks.

In just a few weeks, you’ll begin seeing the first changes to the website. We
decided to start by creating a better structure for local communities. At the
moment, all of the activity centered around places is spread all over the place
— such as nearby travelers in search, things to do on the wiki, and discussions
in the groups.

To begin, we’re building a central place on the website to bring those things
together. This will be the anchor that we can begin to build out from,
connecting all of the great things that the community is already doing, and
creating even more opportunities based on what people want

and need.

This first launch is the start of a process that will continue over many months.
When we launch the first versions of things, they won’t be finished products.
In some ways, we expect this to be frustrating, but there’s a very important
reason why we’re approaching it this way.

This approach will allow us to really involve the community in the process.
We’re going to have dedicated feedback forums, with staff members participating
in conversations with members to help us learn what people like, don’t like, or
want more of. And we’ll also be analyzing the hard data of how people behave on
the site. And then we’ll go back and iterate based upon what we learn.

We aware that this process is going to affect you a lot. We really need your
help over the next few months — sharing information with the community, keeping
us in the loop about how people are feeling, and bearing with us as we navigate
these big steps forward. We’re also

committed to helping you as much as possible, which is why there will be a
dedicated forum for Group Moderators, Ambassadors, and New Member Welcome team
members to discuss with us what’s going on.

I’d appreciate it if you help me get the word out to others that might be
interested in this process by posting these messages in your groups. In my next
email I’ll have some more specific information about the first stage of the

Meredith Hutcheson

CouchSurfing Community Communications


Los moderadores de todos los grupos hemos recibido este mensaje. Según parece,
va a haber cambios que afectarán a los grupos. Se nos pide que os trasmitamos
que aparte de los foros para moderadores y embajadores habrá forma de que todo
interesado pueda participar u opinar sobre este proceso, que durará meses.
Suponemos que nos comunicarán pronto algo más específico.

Posted October 9th, 2012 - 12:58 pm by from Bilbao, Spain (Permalink)
Si parece que va a haber cambios.
Yo recibí este mensaje a finales de septiembre:

For a strong Community behind CouchSurfing

We, the community of CouchSurfing, are the ones who built everything from scratch in voluntary work. Many of us still are doing everything to keep the spirit of CouchSurfing alive, even if it's getting more and more difficult, as much is done to raise the numbers of users, but not enough to keep the quality at the same time. Many of us already left as CouchSurfing turned into a B-Corporation, because of the fear that the spirit about the alternative way of CouchSurfing got lost completely and profit and greed took it's place.

The newest changes in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy show clearly, that the mission „One couch at the time“ was replaced by seeking profit, forcing people to leave the community if the law of their country doesn't fit with the dictatorial rules of CouchSurfing International Inc.

As this community was giving such a high social reward to all it's users, and as we won't just watch how this all is destroyed by the profit-seeking share holders, we decided to fight for the future of our community and will do our best to put it back to the track of the user based community it has been for a long time!

As I can't insert the hole demands into the text of my petition, the full demands can be found here: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=248&post=13133232

Detailed Information about the single demands can be found here:

Please also all send this demands to policies@couchsurfing.com directly to show your personal unhappiness.

To make mobilisation easier now and for future fights, I created a Facebook-Page to collect all users that use Facebook and want to fight for a strong Community behind CouchSurfing: https://www.facebook.com/pages/For-a-strong-Community-behind-CouchSurfing/259352857518810

Help us with our fight, do everything that this petition is going viral! This is our chance to show that we do care about the future of CouchSurfing, and that we do care how we and our data is handled!

Sent by Avaaz on behalf of 's petition

Mi nivel de ingles no me permite entender muy bien hasta dónde nos van a afectar estos cambios pero creo entender que pueden afectar a que el espiritu de couchsurfing siga vivo o no, y esto me preocupa.
Estaria bien que lo debatieramos en este grupo para asi poder entender mejor las repercusiones que puedan tener dichos cambios y para plantear o no medidas de actuación.