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Spring hiking/climbing/couchsurfing in Vancouver
Posted February 9th, 2012 - 10:33 pm by from Adelaide, Australia (Permalink)
Hi all!

I'm an Australian currently based in Golden, BC for the winter season, working at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. After the ski season ends in April I'm interested in travelling around a bit and exploring the endless hiking/climbing opportunities in BC and possibly also down in the US. I know that snow tends to hang around well into June here in Golden, making multi-day backcountry hiking difficult, so I'm wondering what the spring hiking opportunities are like over near the coast around Vancouver? Obviously I'm looking for hiking partners, and if any keen hikers/climbers living in or near Vancouver would be interested in hosting me or doing some trips during any part of the spring, please send me a message!

I've got a car, and if you'd like to do any trips I'd gladly do the drving in return for hosting me. My plans are completely open, I'm vaguely interested in visitng Vancouver Island and Olympic National park (in Washington state) but if anyone with experience is wanting to do a specific trip, or can make a good suggestion about great places to hike I'd gladly take up the opportunity! My experience with overnight hiking in Australia includes the Flinders Ranges, Overland track in Tasmania, the Grampians and the Great South West Walk in Victoria.



Posted February 10th, 2012 - 1:22 am by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)
Hy Cameron!
Sounds like great plans you are having!
If you want to do multi day hiking without snow you best bet probably are some small day hikes in the North Shore area. For lomger trips I'd think the Island or also the Sunshine Coast offers great possibilites, whereas there you can count some crazy amounts of rain in. If you are well equipped with raingear that won't matter.
On the Island you have the Juan de Fuca trail easily accessible and close to Victoria (I might be into that). Then of course the West Coast trail, for which I believe you don't need to make a reservation until May or so. But you have to pay park fees. Then, and that is a more challenging thing there is the NOrth Coast trail up at the northern tip of the Island. That needs some planning concerning transport and co-hikers. It is away rfom everything and the time of the year won't bring a lot of people up there either.
So that is all the official trails and so far no backcountry hints. Backcounry in BC will probably involve snow. If you want to know more about that we need to talk, it would take forever to write down possibilities.
Okay, hope that helps for some inspiration:-)

Posted March 13th, 2012 - 4:49 am by from Vienne, France (Permalink)
Hi Cameron!
I'm Max from France, just arrived in BC and will stay over one year! I'm working and leaving in Langley but I'm looking forward into going to Vancouver and surround as much as possible! I have already been here 4 years ago in summer and I could really appreciate the hikes around Vancouver!
I'm used to hike in France in the pyrennes for some days and I'm really looking forward into hiking in the spring as soon as possible!
I have just seen your message and I really much appreciate if we could hike together! That would be really great to share some hikes together!
For exemple this week end I might go to Bowen Island and do the Mount Gardner and do the grouse grind with snow shoes!
What's a bout you? Are you available or are you morking?
Let's keep in touch! Let me know your mind and avaibility.
Read you soon,

Posted March 26th, 2012 - 10:15 pm by from Adelaide, Australia (Permalink)
Hi Max and Isabel, thanks for the suggestions. I'm currently still in Golden working until the ski season ends around April 14. I will probably stay in Golden a little longer afterwards, then slowly make my way over to Vancouver stopping at a few places along the way. So I will probably get there after about April 20. I think to begin with I'd like to do some shorter day hikes like the Grouse grind which you suggest Max, working up to bigger trips such as the Juan de Fuca or the North Coast trail after I've got my hiking fitness up and found some good hiking partners. Isabel, I've had some experience navigating by map, compass and gps, but for the time being I think I'd prefer to stick to established trails. If you'd like, if you private message me your contact details I'd definately give you both a bell when I get to Vancouver, it'd be good to meet and start out just by doing a few smaller trips until we get to know each other, then eventually do some bigger expeditions!

Posted April 19th, 2012 - 12:12 pm by from Toronto, Canada (Permalink)
Hi everyone,
I'll be out in Kelowna visiting family for two weeks in May and looking to do a few trips. I'll probably have access to a car, but limited camping gear. Anyone planning any trips - hikes/climbing? I'd definitely be interested in joining whether its small day trips or something a bit longer!

Posted March 26th, 2012 - 1:19 am by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)
Hy! Send me a PM when you come closer to Van to maybe get a plan going. How are your navigational skills? Cheers:-)

Posted April 28th, 2012 - 2:05 am by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)
Hi Cameron,

I´m getting three days off in May and I´m looking for a companion to go to Vancouver Island for some hiking, climbing and any outdoor activity. I´ve just found it out today so I don´t have any exact plans yet.
I will be off 8.-10.5. Let me know if it works for you. I can also host you in our place in Downtown Vancouver if you need.
Looking forward to hear from you!



Posted May 1st, 2012 - 4:58 am by from Adelaide, Australia (Permalink)
Hi Pavla!

Thanks for replying to my post. At the moment I'm in Seattle, and tomorrow I'm going hiking in Olympic national park for 4 days or so. I'm travelling with a friend and we don't have any solid plans beyond visiting Olympic park. We are definately going to Vancouver island at some point in May, but we haven't been making any plans beyond our next step. If you are off from the 8th of may, that gives us a couple of days to get back to Van after visiting Olympic park to meet you (do you have space for 2 people at your place?) I'm very tempted to take you up on your offer, I'd like to try and get to Vancouver by May 7 to meet you and then head to the island on the 8th. We are probably going to stay on the island for longer, but it would be good to start the journey with someone who knows some good places. Does this sound like a good plan to you?

We will be out of email contact for the next 4 days, but I will check to see if you have replied as soon as I get back to Seattle and if its okay with you we'll drive back to Van on the 7th and head with you to the Island on the 8th. Neither me or my friend have ever been to the island so we don't know much about the good places to go, but if you had a specific idea we're open to all possibilities!



Posted May 11th, 2012 - 12:38 am by from Brisbane, Australia (Permalink)
Hey mate,

Did you complete your trip up to Vancouver Island and all that?

I'm in Vancouver and am keen to get out and about this weekend (May 12th-13th) and the weekend after that (May 19th-20th), so if you're still in the Vancouver area on these dates, I'm pretty keen to join you for spring time sightseeing, photowalks, hiking, etc.


Posted May 11th, 2012 - 3:12 pm by from Toronto, Canada (Permalink)
I was thinking of swinging by next week on my way to Squamish from Kelowna and would be keen to stop for some climbing/hiking/camping if there were others to join. (Can only climb/belay top rope around 5.10, have yet to learn lead)

Anyone have definite plans for next week? I'm here visiting family and free from Monday to Friday (14th-18th).

Posted May 11th, 2012 - 4:16 pm by from Adelaide, Australia (Permalink)
I'm currently in Victoria on the Island, I think I'll be on the Island for about another week then I'm heading back to Golden. It's a little hard to communicate as I've been camping most of the time, so I probably won't be able to link up with anyone for the remainder of my time here sorry. Happy travels!