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Introduce yourself / Share your ideas !
Posted April 6th, 2011 - 6:18 pm by Nik-a- from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
Please introduce yourself / Share your ideas !

So I will make a start here - and hope a lot will follow !!!!
I opened this group to bring the Istanbul cat and dog lover's together and support eachother's ideas and efforts. By myself I care about street cats insofar that I provide them food in my neighborhood and that I bring them to a veterany when they need help. In most cases (eye infections, allergies,...) there is only some antibiotics or other medicine neccessary. But I have already found cats which had really bad accidents or they are so weak by suffering illness that they cant survive anymore on the streets. Others are just so much affectionate that I want to find an owner for this reason. The one who stays with me ("Kedim") has a bad liver damage by finding only rubbish as food when she lived outside. I always try to find home for those cats. I hope to find in this group some support that the group members would post the info and picts I offer to copy it on their facebook walls or private emails. As you probably have seen ... Currently I'm looking for home for Wotan and Lori.

I hope that this group will grow and give support for other ideas or just show up interest.

Please just leave some "spirit" here and share something!

What you can do ....
Posted April 6th, 2011 - 5:16 pm by Nik-a- from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
Dear Group members!

I'm really happy that so many people already joint in just a short time !!! My postbox is full with good wishes and questions of what can be done. I try to answer in a short time. At the moment we have four topics:

How you can help:

1. Finding a home for Wotan and Lori by posting their albums on your facebook accout. (See more info on my CS profile)

2. For all the dog lovers: You can help Burcu to feed the street dogs in Beykoz on Saturday or provide some food. I think it would be very nice if she would get some company. Please contact her!

3. We still need a turkish native speaker who can call the municipality to find out the adresses of their veterinaries who work for free doing the sterilization of street cats. Once we know the exact details we can go for further plannings. Please let me know if someone would like to help here!

4. More over:
All the emails posted to my private box shows that
is much care for the street dogs and cats. And also the will of helping. I would like to ask all who wrote me and as well the other new members to post their comments, good wishes, ideas and everything else here in public!
That shows that there is activity and it encourages the other to do the same. Let's get in discussion and let's bring some energy in this new group !!!