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Animal cruelty in Kalkan
Posted June 22nd, 2011 - 6:44 am by from Kas, Turkey (Permalink)

Animal cruelty in Kalkan - An urgent request to the appropriate authorities to identify and take action against those responsible

Target: The Governor of Kaş, The Mayor of Kalkan and the Kalkan/Kaş Jandarma, Antalya Department of Environment and Forestry

In Kalkan, Antalya over the last few years, despite the efforts of KAPSA to protect animals, there have been some horrendous acts of cruelty towards our four legged friends. Several dogs have had boiling liquid thrown at them, the most recent one was so badly burnt he had to be put to sleep. Several years ago a cat had lighter fluid poured on her tail and then she was set alight, miraculously she survived and is now in good health. Possibly the most horrific of all was a sweet natured little dog less than a year old that was sexually abused and had her tail brutally cut off. She too has been nursed back to health and has now found happiness with a new owner in a village outside Kalkan.

We are sure that these heinous acts are perpetrated by just a few very sick individuals and that the vast majority of people living in Kalkan, both Turkish and ex-pat, are horrified and outraged by such barbarity. Correspondence requesting that the culprits be found has been submitted to the Kalkan Gendarmerie, the Mayor of Kalkan, the Governor of Kaş, the Ministry of Tourism and the Antalya Department of Environment and Forestry. We received a reply from the latter informing us that our case has been registered and forwarded to the Governor of Kaş.

Turkey has a very comprehensive animal rights law (Kanun 5199) but it is not clear which authority is actually responsible for enforcing this law. As with any law, if not enforced it is not worth the paper it is written on!

PLEASE sign our petition to request the appropriate authorities urgently to use their full powers to identify and take action against those responsible. They need to catch the people responsible and use the full weight of the law to prosecute and punish them.

Lovers of animals, Kalkan and Turkey - this is your chance to let your voices be heard.

Please sign petition on this link