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Capture NX
Posted April 25th, 2012 - 12:37 pm by from Boston, United States (Permalink)
Does anyone shoot Nikon and have Capture NX? I have Lightroom/Photoshop, but this one particular group of photos just "isn't working for me" when I process the RAW images through LR. The JPEG previews look great, but by the time they get processed they're way too dark. I'm thinking of giving Nikon's software a crack at them, first...


Posted April 28th, 2012 - 5:48 am by from Boston, United States (Permalink)
Hi Jordy!

I shoot with a D50 exclusively in RAW and generally use Lightroom though have dipped on several occasions into View/Capture NX.

I've seen this problem pop up a lot online and ironically it's really easy to fix (if I understand your situation properly) though often people don't seem to "get" the OP's problem.

SOLUTION: If you're using Lightroom 2 or later you should be able to correct the processing problem by scrolling down in the Develop module to the bottom where there should be a section titled, "Camera Calibration". The first option in that menu is probably set to ACR 4.4. Switching to "Camera Neutral" or "Camera Standard" should yield the most pleasing results across a wide variety of photos, but feel free to mess around with the other options. Er... at least I believe that should solve the problem you're encountering.

If you find that does the trick ('cause honestly unless you have the rig for it, Capture NX is a bloated, resource hog) you can use these quick guides on Adobe's website to batch apply the setting to other photos and then set the default processing for future photos.