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☯ GroupCouchRequests (GCR's) ☜ versus ☛ IndividualCouchRequests (ICR's) ☯
Posted June 9th, 2011 - 2:37 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
Hey All!

Vincenc advised me to post in this group so to have a better chance to engage in a discussion with you Viennese organizers about my little suggestion I send you mods in PM's recently.

NOW: Obviously we can compare and discuss these 2 ways to match host and surfers. I have (I believe) more than enough convincing arguments for why and when GCR's might be preferably, while others, no doubt, have their arguments for using ICR's, too.

BUT THAT IS NOT, what I actually wanna discuss here - I think the real problem "lies underneath" that.

You see:

* I MYSELF honestly respect the others' opinion! *
And that is not just some hollow phrase I put in here - it is supported and matched by my actual behavior:
- I do not denounce ICR's as being bad of false or something like this.
- I do not advise anybody against ICR's.
- I don't even in any way just try to convince anyone to agree with me and my opinion (on preferring GCR's over ICR's.)!
- Let alone do I try to force that opinion of mine onto anyone!!!
 I have no problem if other CS'ers use ICR's ONLY to find their hosts.
 Nor do I find anything bad in their decision to ONLY host CS'ers, who requested their couch with an ICR.
 SO: I do not force anybody to use GCR's to find a host or to accept surfers who did not send them an ICR.
 (but only posted a GCR).

* "THE OTHERS" on the other hand do all of that - they do not respect different opinions at all! *
- If they say they do, then they lie
 (as it becomes clear when you compare their acts with their hollow words!)
- They do denounce the opinions that are different from their own ones as bad/false/un-CS-ly.
- They advise CS'ers AGAINST these different ways for how to find a host/surfer.
- They try to make everybody agree with their opinion and attack everybody who does not.
- And they in effect force their way onto everybody
 (by simply not allowing anything else but what they consider right...)!

SO what I criticize about those others is NOT their different view on the issue "ICR's versus GCR's" - I disagree with them on that but do not criticize their view nor would I try to change them. What I criticize is that they in return do not likewise - BUT in their intolerance towards any opinion different from theirs keep on vilifying such differing opinions and trying to force (following) their own ideas onto everybody else.
And only that is what I'd like to change!

As I said in my initial mail to you guys: the Viennese group is not even close to be as bad about this as many other groups. That's why I had started with you, assuming that you'd easily follow my suggestions. I would be very surprised, if you - after your meeting - would actually turn them down!

Again: Vince told me that "some did not support the idea very much" - the question is, if you all truly understand what "my idea" is???
For my idea is NOT to convince everybody (or even just one single other CS'er) to use GCR from now on - my idea is to allow differences (as the CS mission and vision states we should do) and allow others to have differing opinions and then logically also use CS according to their own ideas! And to avoid giving the FALSE impression, that there is anything wrong or even just "2nd class" about GCR's by not allowing GCR's at all (not even in sub-groups - where that is necessary due to too much activity in the main group as it is), or by how group descriptions and/or guidelines are phrased.
EVEN IF you guys for yourself would have other ideas and act according to those others ideas of yours.

And then for those who are interested we can still later discuss the 2 actual different ideas - "GCR's v ICR'S" - and I can tell you, why I often prefer GCR's over ICR's and perhaps we all can learn a bit from this and even dare to try out the other's way a bit more;-D

Maat et joot!/ Take care!