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Where are located the best milongas in Buenos Aires?
Posted June 8th, 2011 - 1:00 pm by Alfonso_BsAs from Buenos Aires, Argentina (Permalink)
A very sweet polish girl spent some time dancing in different milongas in Buenos Aires. I asked her to share with me her thoughts surrounding this simple question: where are located the best milongas in Buenos Aires? Here is what she said:

On Mondays the best is El Motivo in Villa Malcolm, run by Pepa. It's cool but you need some time to get into this crowd, ppl, make friends, and it takes time. It is like big tango discotheque. But for Monday nite will do. The alternative is Salon Canning with more traditional milonga but also lots of ppl are coming, more older, not so great technical dancers. After El Motivo, Malcolm (milonga until 2am), ppl are moving to Canning and stay there until 4.30am (entrance 25pesos, after 3.30 am for free).

La Viruta

Tuesday: the young guys milonga, with good dancing crowd is Milonga 10 on Loyola 828, entrance 20p, until 2.30am. it looks a little like a dancing floor in a restaurant. I was usually sitting there, so I don't like it that much. Other is Practica X on Av Diaz Velez 4820, young crowd, but sometimes not much ppl (depends on the teacher before the classes). Never been but heard it can be good usually in summer. Go also and check out La Catedral, very underground place, touristic, good for meeting friends & having a drink but tango rather on low level. Alternative to all of that is Salon Canning with live music and a nice classes of Julio Balmaced (I like his style of teaching, but this classes are advance), until 4.30, classical & more traditional.

La Catedral

Wednesday: this is the most difficult. Malcolm is boring or closed. Only after 1am the best is la viruta where good dancers are coming.

Thursday: Milonga Soho, Villa Malcolm, depends on a week, sometimes nobody, sometimes big crowds. nicely decorated, u would not know this this the same venue as on Monday. Milonga only until 2 or 2.30 am. Later La Viruta but this is rather poor on Thursday, maybe some other alternative like El Yeite on Av Corrientes 3439 but this is I believe the highest level in BsAs. I have been there 3 times, never danced!!

Friday: Villa Malcolm apparently is the best for young crowd, also Canning is good & later after 3.30 am (free entrance) la Viruta (until the end 6am). Also La Baldosa as more traditional one.

Salón Canning

Saturday: can be la Glorieta but during the summer is better cos it is on the open space, outdoors in las Barrancas de Belgrano, from 7 until 11pm and then La viruta and the same on Sunday. On Sat also from the more traditional one Sunderland club on Lugones 3161 (v. traditional).


Sunday: La Glorieta, Porteno y bailarin on Riobamba and later La Viruta.


Adresses (links to the BA GIS map)

Villa Malcom Córdoba 5064
Salon Canning Scalabrini Ortiz 1331
Milonga 10 Loyola 828
La Catedral Sarmiento 4006
Practica X Av Diaz Velez 4820
El Yeite Av Corrientes 3439
La Viruta Armenia 1366
Sunderland Lugones 3161
La Baldosa Ramón L. Falcón 2750
Porteño y Bailarín Riobamba 345

All the picks stolen from here http://www.torito.nl/tango/fotos/buenosaires/milongas/la_catedral/index.html

All the credit for the information here is to Kasia. Thanks dear!