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Exceptional Bodywork Workshop in Tainan March 14-17, '13
Posted January 24th, 2013 - 12:46 am by from Tainan, Taiwan (Permalink)
For those interested in subtle energy and bodywork.

This is my work in Tainan and around the island - biodynamic cranial touch, a subtle and profound form of bodywork primarily for personal growth,
which incidentally has tremendous medical / therapeutic effect.

I just came back from Denmark on retreat with my teacher Giorgia Milne (for 10+ years) and she comes for the FIRST time to teach in Taiwan March 14-17.

Its a small class. If you are interested, contact me soon. Feel free to pass this on to others. If someone would like to translate this with me, I'd be thrilled ... my translation is .... well, odd!

with warm respect,
Jane JaneELewis@gmail.com 0932 259 844

Dynamic Stillness
Biodynamic Cranial Touch Initiatory Course
– The Art of Conscious Touch

March 14-17, 2013 Thurs. - Sun. 9am - 6pm Tainan City Center
Class Size is Limited
Tuition $695 USD (before Feb. 8)

What is Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT)
This training is an opportunity for any individual to cultivate a more neutral, grounded, and expanded state of awareness in their lives.

Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT) is an approach of craniosacral bodywork which explores the body as consciousness, and emphasizes practitioner embodied presence. It is a non-medical, non-therapeutic approach to touch, routinely producing medical and therapeutic results. This form was developed by Charles Ridley (Dynamic Stillness school) and is described in his book "Stillness - Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness." Different from mechanical or functional approaches to craniosacral, BCT focuses on the practitioner's ability to abide in an expansive neutral state. Sessions are about reorienting your body’s awareness to the health that's already within you. In BCT we allow the "unerring intelligence" of the complex cranial wave to express from stillness, trusting that the wisdom that creates the body heals the body.

What does the workshop consist of?
Inevitably, the body itself leads us on the mysterious 'silent' inquiry of, 'what is body?'

We will be experiencing and reflecting on the different manifestations of the cranial pulses, referred to together as the breath of life (BOL).* We'll be asking "How does the BOL correspond with dimensions of consciousness?"

The workshop cultivates a bodily-felt-sense of Presence and Stillness, the foundation upon which a hands-on, heart-centered practice can be built. The essence of biodynamic practice is the understanding that all healing comes out of dynamic stillness. Dynamic stillness is the morphogenic field from which each embryo arises and develops in utero. The ability to sense a deeper quality of stillness therefore becomes the essential skill. This capacity is literally the foundational practice of this work.

This work is about the literal disposition of the practitioner listening with the hands and sensing with the heart. We will be using simple hand contacts and have ample time to slow down, developing ‘felt-sense awareness’ and working with one’s own personal energy field.

Practitioner Development Topics
Stillness practices open us to the deep wisdom of the body.
- capacity to abide in presence
- open to what is
- let go of doing
- touching in tonal resonance or in neutral (a type of touch)
- ability to distinguish the different craniosacral approaches

Who Can Attend?
This training is for explorers drawn to health and healing. It is very much an opportunity for any individual to cultivate a more neutral, grounded, and expanded state of awareness in their lives. The body-felt sense of presence and stillness is the foundation upon which a hands-on heart-centered practice can be built. There is no prerequisite for this course. It is open to all interested people who wish to integrate presence and conscious touch into their lives, whether or not they wish to incorporate it into a craniosacral or other bodywork practice. Most important is your maturity and sincerity to learn this work.

Once mastered, BCT can easily be integrated with another healing modality or method of practice. Integrating this work can expand a practitioners’ abilities. For those wishing to take this course as part of professional training in BCT, the next step would be a mentoring process, available through a small group of BCT teachers worldwide, including Giorgia Milne based in San Francisco.

Giorgia Milne
Giorgia brings a rare quality of presence that is heartfelt, spirit-filled and deeply intelligent. Her training and experience bridge allopathic and energy medicines, providing a rich resource for learning. Her openness, sensitivity and integrity create an atmosphere of respect, trust and safety where healing can happen. (see www.touchofpresence.com) Dynamic Stillness School – www.dynamicstillness.com and http://tinyurl.com/48crjsa


To register, contact Jane Lewis (JaneELewis@gmail.com or 0932259844)
After payment in full, course preparation materials will be sent. Registration Deadline February 8.

* BOL, or breath of life, refers collectively to the cranial pulses - cranial wave, fluid tide, long tide, dynamic stillness

BANK TRANSFER (in Taiwan) If you're not in Taiwan, email me to work out payment.
UB Bank (code 803)
Account Name: LIU (willow) Zhi (like the Chinese medicine LingZhi) Lian (Water Lily)
Account #: 050 50 000935 3
Send an email at the same time to report your transfer so it gets attributed to you.

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