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tips for bike hunters?
Posted May 28th, 2011 - 6:48 pm by NNZ from Berlin, Germany (Permalink)
hi everyone

so, let's pool our tips on getting a decent second hand bike in berlin, whether temporarily or to keep. a bike that's NOT stolen, or at least unlikely to be.

i have some initial suggestions...

1. this group

2. http://bobsbike.de/. found out about this through some nice person on CS who posted the link. apparently they rent out bikes for free! free! lovely idea. also could be a good place to donate old bikes.

3. http://www.bikeparkberlin.de/. second hand bikes from 39 EUR.

4. http://www.solidarybikes.org/?q=home. they take donated bikes, fix them up, sell them and donate half the price to charity.

what are your suggestions?