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LongUlfPost (LUP) - 3Ps: Patience:
Posted June 25th, 2007 - 7:54 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
"Patience is a virtue"
(Jermaine Jamal Evans)

[THIS IS NOT AN IMPORTANT THREAD! NOBODY HAS TO READ IT to be able to continue being an active CS member or participant in this or other groups' (other) ongoing discussions! But if you do read it and then find some things I wrote annoying or even offensive then, please, read my "LUP - DISCLAIMER" - thread (-> http://www.couchsurfing.com/group_read.html?gid=429&post=250090 ) BEFORE you give me my possibly well-deserved telling-off - thank you!]

Posted June 25th, 2007 - 8:20 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
Another thing that has angered me quite a bit in too many threads for long now is that appalling lack of patience everywhere. I know we live in fast times... I really do - you have no idea how many times I've been told to keep my posts shorter so that they can be read quicker;-) But we here on CS are anachronistic in many ways - so why let today's business world's speed fetish determine how things have to go on our site???

Posted June 25th, 2007 - 8:20 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
I've written what I think of conspiracy theories in my "LUP - 3Ps: Prophecies" - thread (-> http://www.couchsurfing.com/group_read.html?gid=429&post=250105 ). What I saved for this thread is how stupid and annoying I always find their authors' excuses or justifications they always come up with when almost each and every time it turns out in the end that there has been a very simple (just unfortunately not evil-spirited) explanation and thus the only evil-spirited thing was those accuser's lust for nasty gossip. It's mostly like this: "It's not my fault but theirs for if they had explained the matter earlier then it wouldn't have lead to any speculations in the first time."

So it's always the lack of communication which is the root of all evil here! And that's - of course - those members' responsibility whom the self-declared CS attorneys had so happily accused of whatever they could fabricate. And conveniently they themselves always fix the deadlines for the accused to answer the charges, too. I think it's usually about half an hour or so. If you happen to be accused of something and have the nerve to not be online at that very moment with lots of time on your hands to vindicate yourself immediately then this practically proofs that you're guilty. And should it later - and I mean much, much, muuuuuuch later, like sometimes even up to a week (a whole week! that's 604800 long seconds!!!) - turn out that you have actually been accused without any good reason - well then it's your own fault! If you never justified yourself - what do they expect???

Yep! It's usually exactly as ridiculous as it sounds - only most people don't seem to see that!

Posted June 25th, 2007 - 8:21 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
So usually silence or inactivity or "the lack of communication" is used as THE argument by the self-declared CS attorneys to proof that somebody has to hide something. The tech leaders and CS lawyer who do not comment on the NDA are of course hiding their true motives for this new contract (enslaving all of us, I presume...). As are the people who are responsible for the infamous CS financing survey. The fact that the financial report has not been released for so long shows that "they" wanna conceal what "they" do with all our money and if the admins cannot come up with a proper and detailed explanation for whatever actions they took then this is of course only because they abused their authority - and know so!

That's super stupid! Such explanations (seem to) reveal simple-mindedness at its worst. Nobody of you knows what I did last night. I never told you - did I? So obviously I'm concealing what I did last night - which means that is has to be something really bad! How about accusing me right here and now of something really bad? I will probably NOT have the time to post anything in any group for the next few days so - BANG! - you'd even get your evidence in no time...

NO! There actually are other explanations for a member's silence, "lack of communication" or whatever you call it:

Posted June 25th, 2007 - 8:22 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
It might be that some out there hardly have a real life any more outside CS... And some might find this nice and that it shows a great keenness for CS - I find it pretty sad. But naturally THOSE people can't imagine what could other members keep from meeting the deadlines (set, of course, by THOSE people!). The answer is easy: the life outside CS! There are sometimes several days in a row, where I simply don't get round to participating in CS in any way. For in this other life there can be many reasons for that. Simple ones (lots of work), special ones (traveling, weddings, the release of the latest "Harry Potter" book) or even dramatic ones (the things one has to take care of in case of an accident or death)!

But mostly it's actually CS stuff that keeps me from doing other CS stuff. Like hosting! I don't host people just so that they have an accommodation. I shamelessly exploit their time here in Cologne to spend a great night out (or several) or a nice day in the city with them! And then I don't read any group posts or often not even my mails 'cause I don't wanna let my guests wait! Or I organize gatherings. Or my participation in gatherings (book train ticket, find me a host, get work done before the trip that would be left unfinished otherwise...).

And that's even more true for the people who run this show! And as so often with the wisdoms I generously share with you this has nothing to do with an extremely high IG (which is not to say I don't have one!) nor with any special insider knowledge (which indeed I do not have!) - it's all common sense! And yet (or maybe therefore???) it's completely ignored again and again.

Just like every single member who claims one of those (for example:) admins' time for his own special little matter completely oversees that there might be other matters pushed by other members that very same admin has to turn to at the same time:
The people who are always screaming for the financial report (for they are sooo convinced that nobody would ever donate a single dollar ever more if we don't post that boring chart of numbers somewhere!!!) seem not to know that also there are occasionally bugs here on CS that need to be fixed. The inventors of new features turn a blind eye to other new features who had been invented by others before and will therefore be coded before (if at all...). And the "Democracy Immediately Now!" movement is apparently unaware of all the other organizational restructuring that have been going on (a bit backstage) for so long.

Here's a radically new thought for you impatianiacs: Next time you request anything from another member here on CS and then DON'T get it within the time you had thought fit then try to believe that there just might have been a good (even though perhaps unfortunate) reason for that other member to fail to meet your deadline. Even if he fails triumphantly and it takes him weeks or even months when you had only been willing to give him some days! Stop being a little child crying for sweets! You'll find out you can live on without getting what you want at once - and so can all other CS members and even the project itself! I know: it'll be hard for you to believe that - but once you managed to pull yourself together your life will be so much more peaceful! And that comes from the bottom of the heart of one of the most hectic human beings ever!

Posted June 25th, 2007 - 8:22 pm by from Cologne, Germany (Permalink)
Rome wasn't built in a day! Ok - you might say that this is because when it started nobody knew or planned how it would develop. Now, you know, actually when Danus and Caseius founded CS they didn't know what that would lead to, either! But even now that we do - that doesn't necessarily mean that things can be done in a matter of days only! They are often complex and need time ("LUP - Democracy v. Themobcracy" - -> http://www.couchsurfing.com/group_read.html?gid=429&post=250100 ) - especially when you keep in mind the big picture and life's deflections as described above! I recently read in one of those annoyingly complaining posts (I think it was about democracy) that it had to have been some stalling tactics that we didn't have ... - whatever it was! - BECAUSE we could easily have that here on CS right now SINCE - as the author knew from his/her own experience - at the UN (or some other organization like that) they have it, too! Uhm... I guess I couldn't top the degree of silliness of that comparison so I'll leave it without any further comment!!!

Again: we are (still!) going through a time of big and important changes and I guess we haven't even seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet. Just 3 months ago Casey guessed that 2 more years of intense work for CS will be needed to get out of the woods. I would add: at the least! How ridiculously unrealistic in comparison look the estimations made by the members who always seem to believe that whatever issue THEY focus on can be done within a few days - or months at the max.!!!

Now, of course, they could counter (and have done so in talks I'd had with some!) that if somebody who's been entrusted with a job for CS but then apparently doesn't have the time to actually do it - or at least not right now - then why not give the job to somebody else who has the time? Seems to make sense - on first sight. But that's more often than not only because once again the whole picture has not been seen! The time - or rather the shortness thereof - in which a job can be done by a member is usually only one factor out of several. And then in comparison with the others as a rule the least important one. Actually it's almost completely irrelevant! Sure: it's nice to have something that CS will (or might...) benefit from the sooner the better. Nice - but NOT necessary.

I'd love to have that "trip planer" right now already. Or at least the 100 signs I came up with some months ago ( http://www.couchsurfing.com/group_read.html?gid=429&post=131538#gpid131538 ). But it simply was not YET to be. And - guess what - I nevertheless had plenty of occasions when I had great times hosting, surfing and attending gatherings!
Even when it's about security: WE DO HAVE VERIFICATIONS! Ok: you can't make life 100% safe anyhow, right?!? Do you have any idea how many (usually date-)rapists are out there of whom nobody (including themselves!) could ever had thought they'd be capable of something as ruthless as raping. And who never did anything even remotely similar to raping before they did it then once. And who'd never do it again. And, NO, I'm not trying to excuse what they did but just making the point that NO verification, reference, vouching or whatever other security feature we'd come up with could completely exclude that possibility - we'll always have the "human factor"!!! Yet we certainly can find ways to make CS safer. But that needs time. Whatever it will be it will probably also mean more (and possibly over-)regulation and perhaps also the limitation of members' freedoms. It has to be discussed what we weigh more. Then how to actually implement those ideas. Then there's the technical side (how to code it) and - last but not least - we have to teach all our members all about it. So if somebody comes up with a new idea for more security here on CS that could actually improve things dramatically then it would probably need weeks if not months before we'd actually have it. AND THAT IS NOT because we don't care about our members' safety - as it is usually insinuated or even bluntly stated on such occasions - but because such thinks simply takes so long. But that's ok - for in the meantime we STILL have the verifications! It is everybody's choice to simply not surf with or host not fully verified members!
So we can take the time to do the new feature as good and well thought-out as possible - and don't have to do it as fast as possible!

And that's why we should never give a job to somebody who can do it fastest but to who can do it best! This might often not be clear to those of us who claimed that they could have done things faster than others. For they will usually be convinced they could do it just as good - AND faster... Now - that's a whole different story. But my point is just that the question how fast somebody can do something should always only play a role when there is absolutely no other good reason for to give the job to somebody else!