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I have been his host
Posted July 22nd, 2011 - 11:34 am by RAFFALEYLA from Rome, Italy (Permalink)
Hey, I'm V and Kim's former host. I subscribed 2this group to give my opinion of this couple as guests. Even if he doesn't have that many references and she doesn't have a profile yet I decided I wanted to host them 4 1night out of 2 because they sent me a really funny personal request. So I wrote them back telling them I could only host them on 21 July. In fact, tonight I'm waiting a close friend 4 the night. I did really well to trust my guts, cause hosting them was a lot of fun. They are NOT the tipical couple that spends a lot of time on their own and doesn't care about their host: they even told me we should meet 4 dinner 2night! On the other hand, they didn't make any pressure on staying 1 extra night. I know this is normal, but sadly not everybody is normal in this world!
We had a small picnic on the floor with other CSers at my place and it was great fun, we laughed a lot, drank a lot of sangria and even managed to have some clever conversations about history and international topical issues. I regret that I could not host them for longer, as their visit was arranged at short notice due to logistical reasons and I had already promised to host this friend 2night. Anyway, as I told them, I hope 2host them longer in August, when we will probably arrange anything a bit more in advance.

Good luch with yr couchsearch, Raffa

p.s. : they even have bath towels, so dont worry about that, potential host!