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Free dance lesson
Posted January 27th, 2013 - 11:05 pm by from Berlin, Germany (Permalink)
Tanzpartnerin gesucht fuer kostenlos Anfaenger tanzkurs

Auf English -

Free dance lesson.

Q: What kind of dance is it?

A: Zouk-Lambada (or Brazilian Zouk), it looks like this, the youtube videos are here, see if you like the way their dance.

Looking for something new? - Brazilian ZOUK

Kadu Pires & Larissa Thayana Zouk Berlin

Kadu and Larissa Toronto

Prague Gilson and Natasha Workshop

Daniel & Leticia, Zouk demo, Helsinki

Kaoma - The Lambada ORIGINAL (Llorando Se Fue) 1989

Q: What music can we dance to?

A: RnB, Pop, Electro, Latin, Zouk, the music examples are here.

Alicia Keys - Un-Thinkable

Miss Independent Ne Yo

Nelson Freitas - Fazer Amor Ma Bo

Paulo Mac ® - Vontade de Amor

another chance - roger sanchez

Gil Semedo - Nha Namorada

Eunice - Cabo Verde

Se Eu Não Te Amasse Tanto Assim - Ivete Sangalo

Paulo mac - intenções

Q: Where can I dance this?

A: There are big 3-4 day parties all over Europe.

This dance is a modern version of the old Brazilian Lambada.
The dance parties are called - dance congress.
This dance is gaining popularity, which is danced in

Berlin Hamburg Dresden Zurich London Prague Helsinki Athens Barcelona Nancy Paris Amsterdam Dubai Singapore Sydney Vancouver and more

Q: This is a partnered dance, so I am stuck with one dance partner all the time?

A; No, Brazilian Zouk is a street dance, once you have learnt how to dance with one partner, you can dance with as many people all night, anywhere in the world.

Q: Are these big 3-4 days parties fun?

A: Yes, this is what the Zurich Zouk Congress 2012 looked like.
The photos are here. We danced for 3-4 days, every nights, from 10pm to 8am, for 3 days straight.

Zurich Zouk Congress 2012

Q: What do I wear to these parties?

A; We, boys & girls, wear jeans, and t-shirts, and flat shoes or sneakers.

Q: What is your target age group for the dancers?

A: 20-35 year old dancers, it maybe not suitable for older people, because there are a lot of circular turning.

Q: Ok, is there somewhere to dance in Berlin?

A: Yes, there are small parties from time to time, and there is one this weekend.

Angleterre Hotel
Friedrichstr. 31, 10969 Berlin


Q: ok, where can I learn this Brazilian Zouk dance in Berlin?

A: You can find other dance instructors here http://page.zouk-berlin.com/
I think each class costs 10Euro, and it is taught in dance schools.

Q: mm, that is a bit too expensive, is there somewhere I can learn the basics and fast track to be able to go the parties?

A: Yes, I can teach the basics, the class is free with me, with instructional DVD, including girl's step, see more about this dance on wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zouk-Lambada

Q: Would I be able to go on the dance floor and dance with people with the basic moves?

A: Yes, you can start dancing straight away with the basic moves, there are many beginners around in Berlin.

Hi, People,

Firstly, I am looking for a girl dance partner to fast track.
I do not work during the day, so I can train between 11am to 4pm, I have a good size living room with wooden floor.
If you want to learn, write to me about yourself and your dance background, it is like a couch request.
If you have done classical ballet, or jazz dance, it will be very quick to pick up, this is easy.
Once you have learnt the basics and intermediate moves, you can consider to learn from the instructors.
I am traveling thru Berlin, I am here for 2-3month, so I am teaching a skill to you, so you can have fun without me !

Secondly, I can teach guys too, but please give me some time, because I just arrived in Berlin 2 weeks ago.
and I have not danced this Brazilian Zouk for awhile, let me practice first. I can have 4 people in the living room, so its 2 boys and 2 girls.
After that, you can go on your own to meet other Zouk dancers in Berlin and make more friends.
I am a traveler so I am doing this to promote the dance and passion, not here to make commercial gain. I can only teach the basic. How long will it takes, I do not know, depends on the ability and how much you want to be good.

Please write to me on kcha167@gmail.com

On going event in Berlin

Wenn du interessiert bist, bitte schreibt mir Lg. Kevin