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Getting mobile service in istanbul
Posted October 23rd, 2011 - 8:10 am by from Istanbul, Turkey (Permalink)
Registering your phone
If you are going to use your cellphone for more than 2 weeks you MUSt register it at a local cellphone dealer to be activated. You can also do this at the airport.

The usual price for this is 15 TL and it can only be done at official cellphone operators stores of Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea. So the little stores around the corner that cell all kinds of stuff alongside prepaid cards will not do this procedure, it has to be an official operator store which is clear from the branded design of the entire store.

Keep in mind cellphone stores in airports usually charge more than stores in the city for procedures.

All prepaid cards come ready for international calling. If you dont get an international package calling abroad costs around 0,80 per minute for western europe in Turkcell.

Turkcell requires you to prepay an amount and applies this towards various credits and cellphone options you can purchase.

Ideally you would go to a store with around 105 TL. And with this amount you can do the following, (with Turkish descriptions in paranthesis:

15TL- for registering your phone. (Telefon Kayıt)
9TL - for 2500 SMS to Turkcell users. And 250 to other Turkish operators. (Faturasız Büyük SMS Paketi)
12TL - Total of 100 International SMS's. And 0,45 kuruş (0.4 TL) for additional international sms after 100. (Faturasız Uluslararası SMS Paketi)
19TL - 1GB Internet (or 7TL for 250mb) (Faturasız Süper İnternet)
51 TL - For the prepaid credit. You would upload to your account which would give you local calls for 50 kuruş (0,5 TL) every 10 minutes. (Faturasız Süper Kart / 50 TL )
- And also request to sign up to international package so you can make calls at a rate of 50 kuruş (0,5 TL) to international phone lines. (Yurtdışı Tek Fiyat Paketi)

Prepaid Plans:

Prepaid Plans to call International:

Avea is also an option. You'd need around 82TL to get a basic plan that supports international communication.

15- TL for registering your phone.
20 TL - for prepaid activation.
30 TL - for prepaid plan. (Faturasız BAL paketi. BAL 500 )
500 free minutes prepaid card
500 SMS within Turkey.
500 GB Internet
7 TL - Total of 50 International SMS Messages.
10 TL - For international calls plan which costs 80 cents per minute. (Tüm dünya paketi)